Bentley Brewers Copper Lager: Penny Wise

Bentley Brewers Copper Lager from Brewer’s Delight, Inc. in Ottawa, Ontario is a clear golden copper colour and pours with a soapy white head that hangs around as a mossy cap. This Vienna lager has deep aromas of toffee-sweetened malt, juicy stone fruit and biscuit, along with more subtle notes of lemongrass and minerals.

Bentley Brewers Copper Lager
This Photo Doesn’t Do the Beer’s Colour Justice

The sturdy and well-balanced taste of Bentley Brewers Copper Lager is built on an earthy, yet smooth malt base with light toffee and cocoa accents, as well as a light lemon tone that keeps things from being too heavy on the tongue and palate. Bitterness becomes more prevalent in the finish of the medium-bodied lager, while mineral, salt and citrus notes linger in the crisp aftertaste.

King Vienna Lager: From a Strong Bloodline

King Vienna Lager from the King Brewery in Nobleton, Ontario pours a clear golden-amber colour with a hefty and frothy white head that burns off after a few minutes, leaving a small collar and film. The beer smells of toasted, caramel-sweetened malts, with a wildflower tone and a hint of soapy hops.

King Vienna Lager
This Beer is Part of Canadian Lager Royalty

The taste of King Vienna Lager is simple, but clean and well-balanced. Bready malts are prevalent, but the beer has a nice crisp bite. A sweet caramel flavour with a fresh grain backing comes through on the tongue. The beer is medium-bodied with an overall light carbonation level and has a bit of a syrupy quality as it passes the tongue. A slight fatty or nutty taste comes through on the back of the tongue.

Trailhead: Not at all Fishy

This European style Lager from the Wellington County Brewery in Guelph, Ontario, Canada is perfect for an afternoon on a patio or dock. It has a crisp, dry and somewhat malty taste and woody aroma thanks to specialty malts from Germany and Czech hops. Trailhead has a smooth, dry finish with a little bitter aftertaste and a light golden colour.

Trailhead is an Attractive Beer

The can is an attractive powder blue that uses the silver aluminium of the can to evoke a river. The logo features a jumping fish drawn with a hard black outline and a distinctive all-caps typeface.