Old Credit Pale Pilsner: Fire Up the Grill

Pale Pilsner from the Old Credit Brewing Company Ltd. in Port Credit, Mississauga, Ontario pours a slightly cloudy and pale, rusty-gold colour with little more than a filmy collar of head, despite a seemingly high carbonation. The aroma reminds me of brewed orange pekoe tea with hints of lemon, rye whiskey and, of all things, white wine.

Old Credit Pale Pilsner
This is My Definition of a Summer Beer

Old Credit Pale Pilsner has a rather watery, slightly bubbly mouthfeel similar to a light beer. The tea-like aroma really comes through in the taste, along with a syrupy sweetness, decent hop bitterness and a slightly malty finish. There isn’t a lot going on here, but its an easy-drinking beer and there’s nothing particularly unpleasant about it.

Carib Lager: Too Sweet for My Tastes

Carib Lager from the Carib Brewery in Trinidad, West Indies is best enjoyed ice cold on a hot day. This somewhat cloudy golden-coloured beer has a grainy and very sweet aroma and produces a very faint foamy white head.

Carib Lager
This Beer is Sweet. Not in a Good Way.

Carib Lager has a markedly sweet taste, likely from the addition of sugar in the brewing process. It is balanced somewhat by a mild bitterness, but this beer ends up leaving a sticky, syrupy aftertaste. The lager tastes considerably lower in quality than its contemporaries and may not appeal at all to fans of domestic lagers.