Highlander Scottish Ale: Love is for Poets

This Scottish ale from the Highlander Brew Company in South River, Ontario pours a fiery amber-ruby colour with a frothy light beige head that leaves a collar that sticks to your pint glass on its way down, giving off a cocoon-like lace effect. Highlander Scottish Ale smells mostly of caramel malts and mineral water, with bread crust and freshly cut grains as accents.

Highlander Scottish Ale
Highlander Scottish Ale is Smooth but Complex

Highlander Scottish Ale tastes like tart, sour grains that have been toasted and sweetened with caramel or honey. Wood, light chocolate, cherry and cigar smoke can also be detected. The ale has a toasty, creamy and bready mouthfeel with a low amount of carbonation. It is syrupy and oily on the tongue in the finish, with a muffin-like aftertaste that has a hint of flowers.

Caledonian 80 Slash Dash: Walk Like a Champion

Dubbed the “Champion Beer of Scotland” and brewed in the historic city of Edinburgh at the Caledonian Brewery, Caledonian 80/- (slash dash) gets its odd-looking name from an alcohol taxation system used in Scotland at the time the beer was introduced.

Caledonian 80/-
80 Shillings per Barrel was Levied on this High Quality Ale

Caledonian 80/- is a deep, rusty brown-coloured ale with a very appetizing and rich malty aroma. Fruit and hints of chocolate accent the aroma when the beer is poured and it produces a generous, but fleeting creamy beige head.