Hop Head Double IPA: Hop To It

Hop Head Double IPA from the Tree Brewing Company in Kelowna, British Columbia pours a hazy, rusty amber colour with a small, but frothy white head that leaves some thick lacing and settles as a long-lasting collar. This strong ale smells unsurprisingly of a variety of hops. It has a rich, buttery caramel tone, a defined spiciness to the aroma and develops a citrus backing as it warms.

HopHead Double IPA
This Limited Edition Beer is Worth Seeking Out

The taste of Hop Head Double IPA is like honey-dipped orange peel with a peppery bite. A grapefruit note comes through in the finish. The beer is creamy on the tongue and the aftertaste is dry and tart, but also has a slightly malty sweetness that helps to keep from puckering. Sometimes the grapefruit and honey flavours produce a pineapple taste, depending on the pour and temperature.