Molson Exel: Doesn’t Say Anything Good

This dealcoholized beer from Molson Coors Canada pours a clear golden colour with a large, frothy white head that leaves thick lacing and gets retained as a collar and film. Molson Exel has a sweet, corn syrup-like aroma with notes of diacetyl, canned peas and dirty fruit, as well as a hint of grains.

Molson Exel
Even Among Low Alcohol Beers, Molson Exel is Awful

The taste of Molson Exel is sweet, with honey, cracker, dirty grain and raspberry jam flavours and an overarching metalling tone. The beer feels like watered down syrup on the tongue, but it also has a creaminess and moderate carbonation. There is a very mild tartness in the finish, but a sweet, syrupy flavour remains throughout the aftertaste.