Molson Exel: Doesn’t Say Anything Good

This dealcoholized beer from Molson Coors Canada pours a clear golden colour with a large, frothy white head that leaves thick lacing and gets retained as a collar and film. Molson Exel has a sweet, corn syrup-like aroma with notes of diacetyl, canned peas and dirty fruit, as well as a hint of grains.

Molson Exel
Even Among Low Alcohol Beers, Molson Exel is Awful

The taste of Molson Exel is sweet, with honey, cracker, dirty grain and raspberry jam flavours and an overarching metalling tone. The beer feels like watered down syrup on the tongue, but it also has a creaminess and moderate carbonation. There is a very mild tartness in the finish, but a sweet, syrupy flavour remains throughout the aftertaste.

Creemore Springs Altbier Collaboration Ale: Silver Tongue

Brewed in collaboration with Züm Schlussel in Düsseldorf, Germany, this altbier from Creemore Springs Brewery Limited in Creemore, Ontario pours a deep, clear amber colour with a large white head that gets retained as a thick collar and cap, leaving a thick coat of lace behind. Creemore Springs Altbier Collaboration Ale carries smells of honey-sweetened, toasted malts, yeast, a berry-like fruit tone, tree nuts and a hint of chocolate, along with the brewery’s signature mineral water aroma.

Creemore Springs Altbier Collaboration Ale
This is the First Ale from Creemore Springs Brewery Limited

The taste of Creemore Springs Altbier Collaboration Ale is led by a deep toasted malt flavour, with nutty, floral and earthy accents. There is a slight sourness in the finish before a wallop of bitterness. The ale is full-bodied with light, but fine carbonation with a thick yeast tone on the tongue that lingers throughout the otherwise dry aftertaste.

Coors Light Iced T: T Time

This light, flavoured adjunct lager from Molson Coors Canada pours a light pencil yellow colour with a moderate soapy white head that burns off within a couple of minutes, leaving a string of a collar behind without any lacing. Coors Light Iced T actually smells kind of nice. There are aromas of lemongrass, green tea and ginger ale, with light grain and honey accents.

Coors Light Iced T
They Should Call This the Copper Bullet

Coors Light Iced T has a very refreshing taste made up of sharp lemon and dry tea flavours. It has more in common with a lemon-flavoured ginger ale than anything resembling beer, though it’s far less sweet than I had expected. The beer has a very thin mouthfeel with a moderate amount of carbonation. There is a bright pop on the tongue, with an ever so slight oiliness. The finish is scantily malty, mildly dry and the aftertaste leaves a lingering lemon flavour.

Molson M: The M is for Marketing Gimmick

This “microcarbonated” adjunct lager from Molson Coors Canada pours a clear, watered-down golden colour with a small, loose head that burns off in just a few seconds. Molson M has a mild grain aroma with a strong corn syrup overtone and an almost gasoline-like chemical note.

Molson M
Apparently "Microcarbonated" Means Watered-Down Taste

Molson M has a sweet corn and grainy taste that comes off as a watered-down version of Molson Canadian. The mouthfeel is very fine on the tongue, imparting a freshness like carbonated spring water. It’s easy to drink and has a decent dryness to the finish when its ice cold, but becomes almost intolerable as it warms.