McClelland Premium Imports Brings Authentic European Beers to Ontario

One of only four Canadians to be dubbed a Beer Knight by the Belgian Brewers Association, McClelland Premium Imports (MPI) founder Guy McClelland will be sampling several world class beers at the Ottawa Wine & Food Festival, which runs from November 9-11, 2012.

McClelland Premium Imports Logo
McClelland Premium Imports was Born from One Man’s Passion for European Beers

He will be bringing beers from some of Europe’s oldest and most respected breweries including Erdinger Weissbräu and Affligem Brouweij. I had the chance to chat with Mr. McClelland about the brands he will be sampling at the show and the import business in general. I’ll also briefly review the beers in his company’s Ontario retail portfolio.

Lindemans Kriek: The Cherry on Top

Made with black cherry juice, this fruit lambic from Brouwerij Lindemans in Vlezenbeek, Belgium pours a deep, slightly hazy ruby-magenta colour with a small, but frothy light pink head that gets retained as a collar and leaves moderate lacing. Lindemans Kriek smells strongly like fresh black cherries and ripe wheat. There is also a syrupy sweet oat tone that reminds me of a muffin being baked.

Lindemans Kriek
This is One Kriek I Wouldn't Mind Losing my Paddle In

Lindemans Kriek tastes mostly like cherry juice. A deep tartness is accompanied by a malty sweetness and a slight chocolate flavour comes through in the finish, particularly after warming. The beer has a light-medium body with a prickly, soda-like feeling on the tongue. It goes bitter and tart, but also leaves an appetizing syrupy sweetness in the aftertaste. It’s well-balanced, quite tasty and because of its low ABV it’s extraordinarily easy to drink.