Guinness Black Lager: Out of Tune

This European dark lager from Guinness & Company (Diageo) in Dublin, Ireland is a dark brown colour reminiscent of cola or root beer and has a small tan head that almost completely burns off within minutes, leaving a very thin film and thick layers of lace. Guinness Black Lager has aromas of roasted grains, fishy lake water and chocolate syrup accented by sweet light malts, mild florals and a strange cardboard-like tone.

Guinness Black Lager
You’re Better Off Blending Your Own Black & Tan

Guinness Black Lager tastes like a poorly blended black and tan, with a dry roasted grain flavour that is at odds with a syrupy lager character that is so sweet it verges on cloying. This lager is surprisingly thin-bodied given its lineage, with mild carbonation and notes of grain and syrup on the tongue. The finish is rather dry with the aftertaste leaving a bitter and dirty flavour in the mouth.

Smithwick’s Irish Ale: The Other Irish Ale

Smithwick’s Irish Ale from Guinness and Company in Dublin, Ireland is brewed using roasted barley, giving it a distinct aroma with hints of wood and honey and a beautiful amber-ruby colour. It creates a rich and frothy head that laces your glass, though without the use of a pressurized widget.

Smithwick's Irish Ale
This Irish Ale Makes Me Feel Toasty

The beer has a malty taste in which the roasted barley really comes through along with chocolaty and toffee-like undertones. Smithwick’s Irish Ale has a pleasant, creamy mouthfeel and a mildly bitter finish with a rather strong aftertaste.