Hawaiian Style Pale Ale: Tiny Bubbles Make Me Happy

Hawaiian Style Pale Ale from Spearhead Brewing Company Limited in Toronto, Ontario pours a hazy, bright pencil yellow colour with ample frothy white foam. The head has good retention and leaves a thick lace behind. This pineapple infused American IPA has a very hop-forward aroma with bright floral and citrus tones, along with a sweet, syrupy note and a subtle hint of pineapple juice.

Hawaiian Style Pale Ale
This is a Highly Drinkable, but Somewhat Unbalanced American IPA

Hawaiian Style Pale Ale has a crisp, bitter taste with a grapefruit citrus tone and a mild caramel backing. It’s a bit unbalanced, but is also very drinkable and has a crisp, dry finish. The ale is medium-bodied with a relatively mild carbonation level. There is a solid bitterness on the tongue with a slight oiliness. The aftertaste is tart, with orange peel and pineapple notes.

Bud Light Lime Mojito: An Abomination

Bud Light Lime Mojito from Anheuser-Busch InBev pours a pale golden yellow color with a large, spongy white head that burns off within a few minutes, leaving a bubbly collar. Lime and mint battle for a stranglehold on the aroma of this flavoured light lager, with a faint sweet malt smell coming through behind them. The soft mint and sharp lime smells actually complement each other nicely.

Bud Light Lime Mojito
This is Undoubtedly One of the Worst Beers I’ve Reviewed or Consumed to this Point

The combination of lime and mint flavours in Bud Light Lime Mojito is however, for lack of a better word, gross. This beer tastes like someone tossed a couple of pre-chewed sticks of gum or a splash of mouthwash in my glass. It is thin-bodied with ample carbonation and quite syrupy on the tongue. The finish has a subtle tart bite to it, but the lingering mint flavour in the aftertaste reminds me of a menthol cigarette.

Coors Light Iced T: T Time

This light, flavoured adjunct lager from Molson Coors Canada pours a light pencil yellow colour with a moderate soapy white head that burns off within a couple of minutes, leaving a string of a collar behind without any lacing. Coors Light Iced T actually smells kind of nice. There are aromas of lemongrass, green tea and ginger ale, with light grain and honey accents.

Coors Light Iced T
They Should Call This the Copper Bullet

Coors Light Iced T has a very refreshing taste made up of sharp lemon and dry tea flavours. It has more in common with a lemon-flavoured ginger ale than anything resembling beer, though it’s far less sweet than I had expected. The beer has a very thin mouthfeel with a moderate amount of carbonation. There is a bright pop on the tongue, with an ever so slight oiliness. The finish is scantily malty, mildly dry and the aftertaste leaves a lingering lemon flavour.

Yuletide Cherry Porter: Much Better than Fruitcake

Yuletide Cherry Porter from the Barley Days Brewery in Picton, Ontario pours an opaque black with a deep, brownish red visible around the edges and a small tan coloured head that hangs on as a thin collar and leaves a fair amount of lacing. This seasonal beer smells like dark chocolate, roasted coffee beans and fresh, unripened cherries. Its aroma has a liqueur or boxed chocolate feel about it.

Yuletide Cherry Porter
A Juicy Character Highlights this Porter

Yuletide Cherry Porter tastes like freshly ground bitter coffee, with a strong chocolate tone behind it. Juicy dark cherry and plum-like fruit flavours are very bright and are mellowed by a slightly woody finish that carries a roasted note. The porter is medium-bodied with a low carbonation. Yeast creates a subtle prickly, but creamy sensation on the tongue and the bright fruit tones linger in a moderately bitter aftertaste.

Coeur Brise: They Say Only Love Can Break Your Heart

This raspberry-flavoured beer from Brasseurs de Montréal in Québec pours a light golden colour with a light peach pink hue in it. A foamy tan-coloured head survives as a collar until the end of the glass and leaves very minor lacing. Coeur Brisé really does smell a lot like raspberry, not drinking box grape juice or canned vegetables. It has a sort of wet hay backing to it and starts to get musty as it warms up.

Coeur Brise
This is a Surprisingly Balanced Raspberry-Flavoured Beer

Coeur Brisé tastes like a raspberry soda or raspberry ginger ale sweetened by honey. There isn’t a heck of a lot of beer taste aside from a yeasty tone coming through, but it’s not too sweet or tart. The mouthfeel is surprisingly creamy, but light-bodied. The beer has a medium carbonation with a puckering sour bite on the finish, but isn’t overly dry.