Batch 1904: Ahead By A Century

This UK style dry cider from Brickworks Ciderhouse in Toronto, Ontario is a bright golden colour and quite effervescent when poured. Batch 1904 is made with 100% Ontario apples from the Georgian Bay and Niagara regions and has an inviting baked apple smell that’s accented by notes of earth, pepper and basil, along with a hint of farmhouse funk.

Batch 1904
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The taste of Batch 1904 strikes a wonderful balance, with flavours of sweet dessert apples that  reminded me of Fuji or Cortland giving way to a tart and dry finish that’s pronounced, but not puckering, despite a vague sourness that lingers in the aftertaste along with a mild note of yeast and a touch of light wood like cedar or birch. The mouthfeel is mainly crisp, with a dainty viscosity.

Stutz Premium Craft Cider: Harbouring the Funk

It takes seven varietals of local apples and two separate presses for ShipBuilders Cider in Halifax, Nova Scotia to make Stutz Premium Craft Cider. This dry cider is a pale lemon yellow colour and pours with an ample amount of carbonation. It carries aromas of baked apple, brown sugar and white raisin, with hints of vinegar and vegetable oil in the background.

Stutz Premium Craft Cider
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Stutz Premium Craft Cider has a temperate sweetness and warm baked apple taste at first. A sharp and crisp blend of green and crab apple flavours follow, accented by a dill pickle brine note. The finish is quite dry before taking on a lactic sourness and the aftertaste provides a lingering wild yeast funk. The mouthfeel is fairly heavy and earthy for a cider and there is a lively, prickly yeast sensation long after the carbonation burns off.

Dukes Cider: Put Up Your Dukes

Dukes Cider from Tree Brewing Company in Kelowna, British Columbia pours a clear golden colour with a high amount of visible carbonation after a small head quickly burns off. Bubbles range from tiny champagne-like ones to larger, soda-like ones. It’s quite appealing really, sporting more colour than a lot of ciders (and some of the beers I’ve reviewed).

Dukes Cider
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Dukes Cider has a fairly mild, warm aroma of freshly-cut apples with a subtle honey-like sweetness. It’s very clean and natural in both smell and taste compared to other canned ciders, with no odd chemical or overly syrupy qualities.

The taste of Dukes Cider is quite crisp and tart. The flavour reminds me of not-quite-ripe Royal Gala apples and skin from the Empire variety, though I could be way off. Point being it tastes like real apples and not much else. The finish is mostly dry with a mild sourness and a subdued, lingering apple tone in the otherwise clean aftertaste.