Hawaiian Style Pale Ale: Tiny Bubbles Make Me Happy

Hawaiian Style Pale Ale from Spearhead Brewing Company Limited in Toronto, Ontario pours a hazy, bright pencil yellow colour with ample frothy white foam. The head has good retention and leaves a thick lace behind. This pineapple infused American IPA has a very hop-forward aroma with bright floral and citrus tones, along with a sweet, syrupy note and a subtle hint of pineapple juice.

Hawaiian Style Pale Ale
This is a Highly Drinkable, but Somewhat Unbalanced American IPA

Hawaiian Style Pale Ale has a crisp, bitter taste with a grapefruit citrus tone and a mild caramel backing. It’s a bit unbalanced, but is also very drinkable and has a crisp, dry finish. The ale is medium-bodied with a relatively mild carbonation level. There is a solid bitterness on the tongue with a slight oiliness. The aftertaste is tart, with orange peel and pineapple notes.

Green Tea Ale: Steeped in Summer

This flavoured light ale from the Great Lakes Brewery in Toronto, Ontario pours a hazy, mango juice-like orange colour with a frothy white head that falls to a collared film while leaving a fair amount of lace behind. Green Tea Ale has a very mild, yet earthy aroma. It smells like wet grains primarily with a honey-like sweetness and a light citrus tone. The smell of brewed green tea really comes through after warming a bit.

Green Tea Ale
The Infusion of Tea Imparts a Nice Dryness

Green Tea Ale tastes like toasted malt, green tea and rice; again with a honey-like sweetness. It’s quite crisp and refreshing, not at all too sweet and the ale develops subtle berry and floral notes as it warms. The mouthfeel thin-bodied with just enough carbonation to give it some life on the tongue and the finish is quite dry.