Hop On Your Face: And Tell You That I Love You

Hop On Your Face from Beyond The Pale Brewing Company in Ottawa, Ontario is a rusty mahogany colour with a small, but frothy light cream-toned head that gets retained as a tight collar and leaves traces of spotty lace. This American IPA has a robust smell with aromas of dark toasted grain, toffee offset by sharp notes of lemon, pine and grapefruit, a hint of coffee and faint rye and wood tones common to the brewery’s other ales.

Hop On Your Face
Malt In Your Mouth

The taste of Hop On Your Face is a rich blend of berry, tropical fruit and citrus flavours supported by a very sturdy, roasted and grainy, toffee-sweetened malt base. This ale is full-bodied with minimal carbonation and plenty of yeasty and bitter life on the tongue, as well as slickness that carries on through the finish. Grape, berry and lemon oil can all be perceived in the aftertaste.

Heller High Water: Got Me Feelin’ Heller Good

Heller High Water from Kichesippi Beer Company in Ottawa, Ontario is a golden straw colour with a spongy white head that leaves small spots and streaks of lace before resting as a thin collar and film. This seasonal helles lager has a mild smell with aromas of fresh and lightly toasted grains, yeast and red berry juice.

Heller High Water
This Seasonal Lager Does Well in Hot Weather

The taste of Heller High Water is light and crisp. Airy yet earthy malt, yeast and grassy flavours are accented by an almost metallic, mineral-like bitterness. The lager has a fairly thin body and moderate carbonation. It is creamy and a bit grainy with a mild oiliness and the finish is pretty clean with a touch of grain and yeast flavour in the aftertaste.

Big Rig Gold: In It For The Long Haul

This American blonde ale from Big Rig Brewery in Ottawa, Ontario is a clear and bright golden colour. Its sizable, frothy white head has good retention and settles as a thin collar and cap while leaving small spots of lace behind. Big Rig Gold carries aromas of toasted wheat, minerals, earth, grasses and honey, with mild notes of white grape and perfume.

Big Rig Gold
That’s Gold! Gold I Tell Ya!

Big Rig Gold has a fairly mild taste that is somewhat sweet at first, with an earthy and dry body that has a freshly milled grain flavour and a hint of green apple. The ale has a medium body, an ample amount of fine carbonation and some yeasty life on the tongue. There is a very minor, but dirty astringency found in the finish, though the aftertaste is mainly crisp with subtle grain and yeast flavours.

Wuchak Black: If A Woodchuck Could Chuck Hops

Wuchak Black from Kichesippi Beer Company in Ottawa, Ontario pours dark brown with crimson tinges visible when held towards the light and a frothy, tan-coloured head that leaves spotty lacing and settles a thin collar. This Cascadian Dark Ale (aka Black IPA) has a rich roasted malt character on the nose. Coffee, cigar, wood and chocolate tones are accented my piny hops and red berry juice.

This Winter Seasonal has a Rich Roasted Character
This Winter Seasonal has a Rich Roasted Character

The taste of Wuchak Black goes hand-in-hand with its smell. Deep, dark chocolate and coffee flavours are anchored by an assertive bitterness, with complimentary notes of lemon rind, pepper and grainy biscuit. The mouthfeel is fairly thick, grainy and oily, the carbonation is on the low side and a persistent collar creates a smooth creaminess that helps ease the ale down. Coffee, pepper and a lingering, lemony bitterness permeate the aftertaste.

Kichesippi 1855: A Salute to Heritage

This English brown ale from Kichesippi Beer Company in Ottawa, Ontario pours a deep, rusty copper colour with a very thick frothy off-white head that leaves cascading lace on your glass and settles as a soapy collar and film. Kichesippi 1855 has a very warm, woody, fatty and nutty aroma with sweet hints of toasted malt and red berry.

Kichesippi 1855
This is a Textbook Example of English Brown Ale

The taste of Kichesippi 1855 is quite crisp at first, then smoothed out by a mellow roasted grain character. Notes of currant, cocoa, biscuit and coffee also come through. This ale is full-bodied with a grainy mouthfeel, a subtle tingle on the tongue and a mild oiliness. The finish brings a temperate bitterness and the aftertaste is earthy, grainy and woody.