Hockley 100: Division by Zero

This k├Âlsch from Hockley Valley Brewing Company in Orangeville, Ontario is a clear and bright golden colour with a thin but persistent cap of frothy white head that caps a steady stream of bubbles emanating from the bottom of your glass. Hockley 100 has extremely faint aromas of fresh grains and sour white grape, with a honey note and the unmistakable, buttery smell of diacetyl.

Hockley 100
This Light Ale is Too Light for Me

The taste of Hockley 100 is almost imperceptible at first, with flavours of syrup, light grains, red berry juice and grape struggling to make their presence felt against a bitter metallic note that is woefully unbalanced. This ale has a thin body with a slight creaminess, but mostly just feels like watered down syrup in the mouth. The finish is rather dry with an unappealing and dirty earth note in the aftertaste.

Hockley Amber: Preserves Great Taste

This American Amber Ale from Hockley Valley Brewing Company in Orangeville, Ontario pours a clear amber colour with a foamy white head that leaves very little lacing and settles as a healthy collar. Hockley Amber smells of mineral water, caramel and toasted grains with an earthy backing and a smooth, plum or raisin-like note.

Hockley Amber
More Beers Should Include Recipes on the Packaging

Hockley Amber has a fairly heavy, slightly sweet and bread-like toasted malt flavour with hints of chocolate and plum, along with a well-balanced bitterness. The ale is full-bodied with medium carbonation and has a subtle, yeast-like tingle and pop on the tongue. The finish is dry, with caramel, earth and toasted grain notes in the aftertaste.