Propeller IPA: Keep On Turnin’

Propeller IPA from The John Allen Brewing Company Limited in Halifax, Nova Scotia is a clear, golden colour with amber highlights. The off-white head leaves cascading lace and hangs on as a thin cap. This English IPA has a strong mineral presence in its aroma and whiffs of toasted grains, toffee, raisin, pine and mango.

Propeller IPA
This Ale Goes Well with Pub Fare

A toffee flavour and one of dark roasted grain anchor the taste of Propeller IPA, accented by an earthy and bitter tone and brightened by notes of red berries and grass. The mouthfeel straddles a line between grainy and creamy. A sharp mineral tone comes through in the finish and transitions into a lemon oil flavour in the aftertaste.

Propeller Revolution: For Mother Russia!

Propeller Revolution from The John Allen Brewing Company Limited in Halifax, Nova Scotia is an opaque black with a moderate sized, frothy tan head that is retained as collared film and leaves some thick lace. This Russian Imperial Stout carries strong pine oil and spruce notes in its smell. Behind them are aromas of date, red berry, raisin, coffee and chocolate.

Propeller Revolution
The Smell Reminds Me of Walking Through the Woods

The taste of Propeller Revolution with dark roasted malts and has an assertive bitterness. The woodsy character also remains, backed by coffee and chocolate flavours. The stout is full bodied and grainy, with a fairly mild carbonation and a tangible oiliness. There is a tart berry note in the finish and the bitter aftertaste has a roasted coffee tone.