Long, Dark Voyage to Uranus: Innerspace

Long, Dark Voyage to Uranus from Sawdust City Brewing Company in Gravenhurst, Ontario is completely opaque black with a creamy dark beige head that is retained as a stringy collar and leaves long swaths of lace on the glass that appear to drip like spray paint. This Russian imperial stout predominantly smells like coffee and dark chocolate with a syrupy and cordial-like fruit tone, woody hints of pine and fir and an unmistakable whiff of alcohol.

Long, Dark Voyage to Uranus
I’m Saving a Bottle for the Dead of Winter and Another for Next Year

The taste of Long, Dark Voyage to Uranus is uncommonly dry, which allows rich chocolate, pepper and coffee flavours to poke through individually and then blend together. A deceptively strong bitterness is balanced by thick notes of cherry, anise and blueberry. Though the finish of this full-bodied and grainy ale a bit hot, it’s not too out of line and leads to an aftertaste of lemon oil that helps to refresh the palate somewhat.

PC Genuine Lager: Fit for a Junior Vice President

PC Genuine Lager from Whitewater Brewing in Waterloo, Ontario pours a pale golden straw colour with a large, frothy white head that hangs on as a long-lasting collar and leaves large amounts of lace on the glass. This budget-priced American adjunct lager smells of sweet corn and light malts, backed by a mild floral tone and a hint of red berries.

PC Genuine Lager
Technically This is Craft Beer

PC Genuine Lager is very sweet with a thick corn taste, but surprisingly solid malt character behind it. Even more surprising is a pleasant floral hop tone that brings a mild dryness with it. This beer is medium-bodied with a moderate carbonation. The mouthfeel is syrupy, but finishes with a crisp touch. Unfortunately, the aftertaste has a persistent corn syrup tone.