Winterbrewed: Hold the Cream and Sugar

Brewed in collaboration with Ottawa’s Bridgehead, Winterbrewed from Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company in Vankleek Hill, Ontario is a clear, rusty amber colour and pours with a healthy off white head that leaves some spotty lacing before settling as a thin collar and film. This coffee-infused amber brings sharp citrus, toasted grain, light caramel and mild vanilla notes to the aroma, which is anchored by a warm and strong presence of freshly roasted and brewed coffee.

This is the Most Refreshing Coffee-Infused Beer I’ve Tried

The taste of Winterbrewed builds off the coffee-heavy aroma with a distinctly dark and bitter flavour. Toasted barley and a light fruit note that brings peach or mango to mind create a sturdy and slightly sweet base. The mouthfeel is grainy, yet creamy with mild, fine carbonation. Coffee and light chocolate flavours are found in the finish while the aftertaste is dry with a slightly sharp lime rind character and thin oiliness.

Peche Mortel: Sinfully Rich

This coffee-flavoured imperial stout from from Microbrasserie Dieu du Ciel! in St-Jérôme, Québec pours an opaque black with a large and frothy tan coloured head that gets retained as a thick collar and leaves behind a generous amount of lacing. Péché Mortel has a very bitter aroma, with roasted malts, coffee and chocolate creating a deep and thick body.

Peche Mortel
Espresso Beans Give this Beer a Bitter Kick

Péché Mortel tastes like dark roast coffee, dark chocolate and roasted malts, accented by a dark fruit tone that reminds me of plum or black cherry. The stout is full-bodied with a medium carbonation level, creating a creamy sensation on the tongue that gives way to a mildly oily character on the back of the tongue and throat. The aftertaste is markedly bitter and there is a warming hint of the stout’s elevated ABV.