Caple Rd Cider Blend No. 3: Ease On Down The Road

This slow-fermented, semi-dry cider from H. Weston & Sons Ltd in Herefordshire, England has a dark straw coloured, golden amber tone and yields an uncommonly large and loose white head, along with a persistent collar. Caple Rd Cider Blend No. 3 is partially aged on oak, which is apparent in the smell, as well as a strong honey note, funky wild yeast and, of course, freshly-pressed English apples.

Caple Rd Cider Blend No. 3
I Don’t Get to Say Rawhide in a Cider Review Often

By North American standards, Caple Rd Cider Blend No. 3 is starkly dry from front to back, though it’s hardly one-noted. The blend of apples comes through as earthy, farmy and thoroughly funky. There’s also a Riesling-like vinous flavour that come through as a tartness and almost wince-inducing sourness wash over the tongue. Oak reappears in the finish of this full-bodied and highly effervescent cider, along with a faint rawhide or leather quality.