Millennium Buzz Beer: You Gotta Simplify Man

This hemp-based beer from the Cool Beer Brewing Company Incorporated in Toronto, Ontario has a very nice, rusty, dark amber color. It pours with a thick, frothy white head that leaves moderate lace and settles as a collar. Millennium Buzz Beer has a very sweet, malty aroma with overripe or rotting fruit tones. It’s very grape-like, almost like a wine and develops a spicy, brown sugar sweetness after warming.

Millennium Buzz Beer
For the Price, You Could Do Much Worse

Millennium Buzz Beer has a real boozy overtone to the taste, like grain alcohol or cheap vodka. This is backed by a smoky oak and sweet malted corn flavour. It’s subdued overall and not very appealing. The mouthfeel is thin and watery with almost no body whatsoever. The beer leaves a yeasty, syrupy feeling on the back of the tongue.

Crazy Canuck Pale Ale: Uncanny Great Taste

Crazy Canuck Pale Ale from the Great Lakes Brewery in Toronto, Ontario pours a deep Golden-amber colour with a moderate tan head that leaves a fair amount of lace. A collar and film last throughout the glass. After breathing for a bit, this American-style pale ale has a grapefruit-like citrus aroma with spicy and buttery tones and a cherry-like bitter fruit note.

Crazy Canuck Pale Ale
All this Label Needs is an Image of Poutine

Crazy Canuck Pale Ale sort of tastes like overripe fruit, but in a good way. Like the aroma a tart citrus taste, along with a sweet, buttery malt are present. The mouthfeel is thin, yet creamy and carries a medium carbonation feel. The finish is tart, but not puckering.

Neustadt 10W30: High Grade

This dark English-style ale from the Neustadt Springs Brewery in Neustadt, Ontario looks somewhat like the grade of motor oil it gets its name from; a deep ruby and cherry wood brown colour. Neustadt 10W30 pours with a creamy tan head that laces and settles as a collared film. Neustadt 10W30 smells a lot like chocolate syrup with a thick malt backing, a dark fruit tone and a fatty, nutty accent.

This Rich-Tasting Beer Gets My Engine Going

Neustadt 10W30 tastes like chocolate at first, with a deep dark fruit tone that and hoppy spiciness that burst though as the beer warms up. It has a slightly thin mouthfeel at first, but leaves a prickly carbonated feeling as it passes the tongue and finishes with a dry and slightly smoky aftertaste.

Mill Street Lemon Tea Beer: One for the Patio

Lemon Tea Beer from the Mill Street Brewery in Toronto, Ontario is cloudy in appearance and golden-amber in colour. It doesn’t pour with much of a head, but what’s there stays as a collar. This unique hybrid of wheat beer, two teas and lemon puree has a predominantly sweet, honey-like aroma, with fresh grainy tones and a slight maltiness.

Mill Street Lemon Tea Beer
This Flavoured Wheat Beer is Perfect for Sunny Days

The sourness of the lemon purée comes through in the taste of Lemon Tea Beer right away. The mouthfeel is a bit thin and watery for a wheat ale, but carries a decent-feeling carbonation. The bitterness of orange pekoe and earl grey teas really balance things out, resulting in a very clean aftertaste and overall refreshment quality.

Lug Tread Lagered Ale: Star of the Farm Team

Lug Tread Lagered Ale from Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company in the tiny village of Vankleek Hill, Ontario is an organic beer that pours a deep golden colour with a veritable ton of visible carbonation and a big soapy head that burns off quickly. This scarcely-brewed German-style beer smells very, very fresh. Sweet roasted malts and a grassy hop tone are joined by a slightly buttery note and one of freshwater.

Lug Tread Lagered Ale
This Organic Beer is Rich and Satisfying

The taste of Lug Tread Lagered Ale is primarily of toasted malts for me, with a real grassy character and a decent bitterness on the tongue. The mouthfeel is creamy at first, but takes on a bready or yeasty character as the carbonation burns off. The aftertaste is quite dry and crisp, with a hint of malt and a slight earth/dirt note.