Black Oak Nut Brown Ale: The Straight Nuts

This English brown ale from the Black Oak Brewing Company Limited in Toronto, Ontario pours a deep, rusty brown colour with ruby tones. A moderately-sized light tan-coloured head gets retained as a collar and film while leaving some spotty lacing. Black Oak Nut Brown Ale has a strong nutty aroma that reminds me of hazelnut or acorns, with a ripened, cherry-like fruit tone backing it up. Dark, bready malts and fresh grain notes poke through as the ale warms.

Black Oak Nut Brown Ale
This Beer Fast Became One of My Favourite Brown Ales

Black Oak Nut Brown Ale tastes of thick, slightly sweet dark malts at first with a nicely-balanced crispness as it passes the tongue. Thick, oily nuts and unsweetened dark chocolate come through in the finish. The beer is medium-bodied with a mild, but noticeable carbonation on the tongue. It goes down creamy thanks to the long-lasting collar and has a nice, bitter tartness to the aftertaste.

Smashbomb Atomic IPA: Exploding with Bitterness

Smashbomb Atomic IPA from The Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery in Barrie, Ontario is rather dark for an American IPA. It pours a rusty amber colour with a moderate-sized tan head that gets retained as a collared film while leaving some nice lacing. This strong beer is very hop-forward with a buttery citrus aroma. A butterscotch-caramel tone provides a sweet backing and a light rose floral accent comes through after warming.

Smashbomb Atomic IPA
This Beer Could not Live up to Its Hype

The of taste Smashbomb Atomic IPA is mostly well-balanced at first, but really goes out of whack. The tangy grapefruit-tangerine citrus bite of the hops is quickly enveloped by a syrupy caramel malt flavour. A tea-like taste appears briefly before a wave of overly strong bitterness seizes up the tongue. It’s very, very bitter overall and I don’t get much in the way of subtlety from this beer, though an oily quality helps ease it down and a long-lasting collar provides a smooth creaminess to the mouthfeel.

Duggan’s No. 9 IPA: Love Potion Number Nine

This American-style IPA from Cool Beer Brewing Company Incorporated in Toronto, Ontario pours a clear, rusty amber colour with a small, tan-coloured head that gets retained as a collar and leaves a small amount of lace. Duggan’s No. 9 IPA (formerly brewed by Duggan’s Brewery) has a nice citrus hop tang to the aroma, along with a sweet roasted malt and dark caramel backing.

Duggan's No. 9 IPA
I Grew Fond of this Beer Quickly

Duggan’s No. 9 IPA tastes tangy at the front of the tongue before a solid chocolaty malt backing kicks in. Citrus appears at almost the same time as the malts, creating a rather unique chocolate-orange flavour. This strong beer is very easy-going, with little to no trace of its ABV until you actually feel it. It goes a bit thin on the back-end before a solidly bitter aftertaste takes over.

KLB Raspbery Wheat: Thank You Berry Much

This light flavoured wheat beer brewed in Toronto, Ontario by the Amsterdam Brewing Company pours a rusty, toasted amber colour with a small, fleeting head that stays around as a thin collar. KLB Raspberry Wheat Ale does indeed smell like raspberry, with toasted malt and honey tones. It’s fairly mild, but always smells fresh.

KLB Raspberry Wheat Ale
The Fruit Flavour is Kept in Check

KLB Raspberry Wheat Ale tastes of toasted wheat at first, then a solid raspberry flavour that doesn’t taste too unnatural. The beer is light-bodied with a medium carbonation, giving it a creamy mouthfeel. There is an earthiness in the finish, along with a brewed tea tone. The aftertaste is very dry and tart.

Mill Street Original Organic Lager: I Can’t Believe it’s Light Organic Beer

Mill Street Original Organic Lager pours a very clear, bright golden colour with a large, but fleeting head that settles as a moldy-looking film and leaves moderate lace. Freshwater, grains, honey-sweetened roasted malts and a faint fruitiness make up the aroma of this light, American-style pale lager from the Mill Street Brewery in Toronto, Ontario, with the smell of alcohol coming through as it warms.

Mill Street Original Organic Lager
Great Taste, Less Pesticides

Mill Street Original Organic Lager has a crisp and mild taste with a well-balanced, but slightly sweet malt flavour. A sort of white wine grape taste provides a dryness and slight sourness and a toasty flavour comes out in the finish. The mouthfeel is on the thin side with a light-medium carbonation. The long-lasting collar provides a smooth creaminess. There is a slight syrupy feeling on the back of the tongue and just a bit of lingering sourness.