Wychwood Hobgoblin: Nothing to Be Afraid Of

Truly full of character, Hobgoblin from the Wychwood Brewery in Witney, Oxfordshire, England is a deep, ruby-coloured brew that creates a frothy beige head when poured. It produces a warm, hoppy and fruity aroma with spicy tones and a hint of toffee.

Wychwood Hobgobin Ruby Beer
Hobgoblin is Billed as the Unofficial Beer of Halloween

Hobgoblin has a very rich, thick and malty taste, though it still retains a rather light mouthfeel. Chocolate and toffee flavours give way to a nicely bitter finish, with a bright tang in the middle. Despite its complexity, I found Hobgoblin is easy to drink, even the first time I tried it.

Abbot Ale: A Little Gift from Heaven

Abbot Ale from the Greene King brewery in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England is a satisfying and full-flavoured brew. This deep-as-gemstone, amber-coloured ale has a very fruity and hoppy aroma and it creates an attractive, creamy beige head that contrasts the ale itself nicely and lingers in the glass.

Abbot Ale
Abbot Ale is Blessed with Great Taste

Abbot Ale has a very distinctive and thoroughly rich bitter malt flavour that feels surprisingly light on the palate. The ale’s bitterness transitions to a finish that can best be described as sour. Though it is not so sour as to be offensive, this trait may be unappealing to casual connoisseurs of English beers.

Tetley’s Smooth Flow: One Tasty Light Beer

This rich amber-coloured pale ale that originated in Leeds at a brewery founded in 1822 tastes anything but light. Tetley’s Smooth Flow is brewed by Carlsberg UK with three simple ingredients and its quality is evident from the moment you pour it.

Tetley's Smooth Flow
Tetley's Smooth Flow is Big on Taste but Light on the Stomach

Tetley’s Smooth Flow uses a pressurized insert to create a thick, creamy beige head that lingers until the end of your glass. The ale produces a savoury aroma of hops and syrup. Its woody, malty, roasted nut flavour has hints of black tea and gives way to a mildly bitter, crisp and slightly dry finish.