HogsBack Vintage Lager: A Capital Idea

HogsBack Vintage Lager from the HogsBack Brewing Company in Ottawa, Ontario pours a very nice clear golden colour with a respectable and foamy white head that leaves a fair about of lacing before settling as a collar.

This beer has a relatively hoppy and surprisingly “boozy” aroma with some tangy citrus notes. It also has a sort of dank, earthy smell to it, common to many Ontario craft-brewed beers. Thankfully, these “moldy” traits lighten as the beer warms a bit.

HogsBack Vintage Lager
The Production is Outsourced, but the Quality Does Not Suffer

The mouthfeel of HogsBack Vintage Lager is quite bubbly, making for a smooth and refreshing drinkability. The taste itself is more bitter than I’d expect upfront and remains that way, but it also carries a robust malty sweetness in the finish thanks to a three malt blend. I also get faint wood tones in the aftertaste.