St-Ambroise Pale Ale: Toast of the St. Lawrence

St-Ambroise Pale Ale from McAuslan Brewing Inc. in Montréal, Quebéc pours a very bright, gem-like amber colour with a decent head that lasts a few minutes and leaves a nice trail of lace behind. The beer creates a sweet, malty aroma with strong caramel or toffee tones and a decent peppery spiciness to it.

St-Ambroise Pale Ale
This Beer is a French-Canadian Take on a Favourite English Style

The taste of St-Ambroise Pale is quite pleasant, if not a tad mild. There is a toasted woodiness to the malt that gives this beer its main body with just enough bitterness to keep things balanced and a crisp, dry finish with citrus tones to it. This beer feels medium-bodied and has a low-medium carbonation to it. It’s a bit bready in the aftertaste, but still refreshing.

Niagara’s Best Blonde: A Bombshell of an Ale

Niagara’s Best Blonde from the Syndicate Restaurant and Brewery in Niagara Falls, Ontario pours a clear, if not slightly translucent golden colour, with little in the way of head beyond the initial pour and some moderate lacing. This ale has an aroma that is quite sweet, with hints of corn or corn syrup and toasted rice. It also smells a bit “boozy”, but not in a gross way and has the faintest of citrus notes.

Niagara's Best Blonde
This Ale's Sweet, Creamy Roots are Showing

The mouthfeel of Niagara’s Best Blonde is on the creamy side of thin. It doesn’t feel very carbonated but carries some weight to it. The taste, like the aroma, is very sweet with a toasted malt body and corn syrup-like sweetness. The beer has a pronounced dryness to the finish, giving it some balance and making it relatively refreshing and easy to drink.

Tankhouse Ale: Anything but Pale

This American Pale Ale from the Mill Street Brewery in Toronto, Ontario pours a deep, rusty garnet colour with a sizable soapy white head that leaves a generous lacing and sticks around as a collar. Tankhouse Ale produces a relatively mild toasted malt aroma, with hints of pepper and lime-like citrus.

Tankhouse Ale
Tankhouse Ale has a Rich Aroma and Taste

The taste is mild at first, but quickly bursts through with a malty, biscuit-like flavour before an understated bitterness sets in along with a slightly spicy aftertaste. Tankhouse Ale has a very smooth and drinkable mouthfeel with just the right amount of carbonation to create a tangy bite on my tongue.

Trailhead: Not at all Fishy

This European style Lager from the Wellington County Brewery in Guelph, Ontario, Canada is perfect for an afternoon on a patio or dock. It has a crisp, dry and somewhat malty taste and woody aroma thanks to specialty malts from Germany and Czech hops. Trailhead has a smooth, dry finish with a little bitter aftertaste and a light golden colour.

Trailhead is an Attractive Beer

The can is an attractive powder blue that uses the silver aluminium of the can to evoke a river. The logo features a jumping fish drawn with a hard black outline and a distinctive all-caps typeface.