Wellington Special Pale Ale: Needs Some Sun

Special Pale Ale from the Wellington County Brewery in Guelph, Ontario pours an attractive rust-copper colour with a spongy head that gets retained as a sturdy collar. The beer is somewhat light in the aroma department, but carries toasted malt tones along with traces of caramel, flowers, sour grapes and nuts.

Wellington Special Pale Ale
This Beer is rather Pale in Aroma and Taste

The mouthfeel for me is thin and watery, It’s easy-drinking to be sure, but not really satisfying. The taste of Wellington Special Pale Ale has a more punchy toasted malt flavour than the aroma would suggest and a nicely-balanced, if not subtle bitterness. I find the aftertaste to have a distinct earthy quality.

Tankhouse Ale: Anything but Pale

This American Pale Ale from the Mill Street Brewery in Toronto, Ontario pours a deep, rusty garnet colour with a sizable soapy white head that leaves a generous lacing and sticks around as a collar. Tankhouse Ale produces a relatively mild toasted malt aroma, with hints of pepper and lime-like citrus.

Tankhouse Ale
Tankhouse Ale has a Rich Aroma and Taste

The taste is mild at first, but quickly bursts through with a malty, biscuit-like flavour before an understated bitterness sets in along with a slightly spicy aftertaste. Tankhouse Ale has a very smooth and drinkable mouthfeel with just the right amount of carbonation to create a tangy bite on my tongue.

Elora Special Bitter: Sweetens the Deal

Elora Special Bitter from Trafalgar Ales and Meads in Oakville, Ontario pours a rusty amber colour with a cloudy appearance similar to iced tea and little in the way of head. This English-style beer has a deep and rich malt aroma with buttery, caramel-like accents.

Elora Special Bitter
The 650 mL Bottle is the Perfect Size to Share with Someone Special

I find the taste of Elora Special Bitter fairly complicated. A deep malt taste, creamy mouthfeel and buttery tones are accented by hints of tea and citrus. A dry, hoppy bitterness takes over from there to the finish while leaving some residual caramel tones.