Wuchak Black: If A Woodchuck Could Chuck Hops

Wuchak Black from Kichesippi Beer Company in Ottawa, Ontario pours dark brown with crimson tinges visible when held towards the light and a frothy, tan-coloured head that leaves spotty lacing and settles a thin collar. This Cascadian Dark Ale (aka Black IPA) has a rich roasted malt character on the nose. Coffee, cigar, wood and chocolate tones are accented my piny hops and red berry juice.

This Winter Seasonal has a Rich Roasted Character
This Winter Seasonal has a Rich Roasted Character

The taste of Wuchak Black goes hand-in-hand with its smell. Deep, dark chocolate and coffee flavours are anchored by an assertive bitterness, with complimentary notes of lemon rind, pepper and grainy biscuit. The mouthfeel is fairly thick, grainy and oily, the carbonation is on the low side and a persistent collar creates a smooth creaminess that helps ease the ale down. Coffee, pepper and a lingering, lemony bitterness permeate the aftertaste.

Cobblestone Stout: Smooth from Brown Bricks to Tank House Lane

A signature beer of Mill Street Brewery in Toronto, Ontario and housed in the first mass-produced nitrogen charged can from a Canadian craft brewery, Cobblestone Stout is black and completely opaque, with a good inch and a half of creamy beige head (after settling a minute or so) that serves as a cap throughout the life of your glass. This English pub-style stout has a thick and dark roasted malt aroma, with a grassy tone and hints of chocolate, musty wood and coffee.

Cobblestone Stout
Cobblestone Stout Could Make a Serious Dent in Another Beer’s Sales

The taste of Cobblestone Stout has a warm smoky and woody character with a rich roasted malt body. Grain and fruit accents brighten the taste a bit before finishing with a solid dryness. The mouthfeel is thick and grainy, with a pronounced creaminess and little carbonation. Dark chocolate, malt and coffee flavours co-mingle in the aftertaste.

Brooklyn Brand Lager: One of America’s Finest

Brooklyn Brand Lager is brewed in the heart of New York City at the Brooklyn Brewery. This seemingly unlikely source is the home of one of the best beers the United States has to offer. Brooklyn Brand Lager has a rich amber-toffee colour and a fluffy beige head that lingers and laces your glass.

Brooklyn Brand Lager
If You Can Find Brooklyn Brand Lager, Buy It.

A deep hop aroma is punctuated by fruity and woody tones and a hint of spice. The taste of Brooklyn Brand Lager is dominated by malt, but it is well-balanced with a dry hoppy finish that carries a very slight tangy sourness.

Tetley’s Smooth Flow: One Tasty Light Beer

This rich amber-coloured pale ale that originated in Leeds at a brewery founded in 1822 tastes anything but light. Tetley’s Smooth Flow is brewed by Carlsberg UK with three simple ingredients and its quality is evident from the moment you pour it.

Tetley's Smooth Flow
Tetley's Smooth Flow is Big on Taste but Light on the Stomach

Tetley’s Smooth Flow uses a pressurized insert to create a thick, creamy beige head that lingers until the end of your glass. The ale produces a savoury aroma of hops and syrup. Its woody, malty, roasted nut flavour has hints of black tea and gives way to a mildly bitter, crisp and slightly dry finish.