King Vienna Lager: From a Strong Bloodline

King Vienna Lager from the King Brewery in Nobleton, Ontario pours a clear golden-amber colour with a hefty and frothy white head that burns off after a few minutes, leaving a small collar and film. The beer smells of toasted, caramel-sweetened malts, with a wildflower tone and a hint of soapy hops.

King Vienna Lager
This Beer is Part of Canadian Lager Royalty

The taste of King Vienna Lager is simple, but clean and well-balanced. Bready malts are prevalent, but the beer has a nice crisp bite. A sweet caramel flavour with a fresh grain backing comes through on the tongue. The beer is medium-bodied with an overall light carbonation level and has a bit of a syrupy quality as it passes the tongue. A slight fatty or nutty taste comes through on the back of the tongue.