Autumn Hop Harvest Ale: Fall For It

This wet hopped American pale ale from Amsterdam Brewing Company Limited in Toronto, Ontario is a hazy golden colour with orange tinges and has a medium-sized, loose white head that gets retained as a thin cap and leaves small streaks of lace on your glass. Autumn Hop Harvest Ale has a peppery smell, with strong notes of citrus zest and pine set against a toasted grain backing.

Autumn Hop Harvest Ale
This American Pale Ale Has a Peppery Bite

The taste of Autumn Hop Harvest Ale also has a peppery overtone. Roasted, chocolaty grains anchor lemon, mango and pine flavours. This ale has a fairly thin mouthfeel, is grainy on the tongue and quite viscose throughout. The finish is crisp and moderately bitter, with lemon oil and orange pekoe tea flavours in the aftertaste.

Little Scrapper IPA: Feeling Punchy

Little Scrapper IPA from Half Pints Brewing Company Limited in Winnipeg, Manitoba pours a hazy, light amber colour with golden highlights and a frothy, creamy off-white head that has nice retention as a pinky finger wide cap and leaves fairly heavy lace on the glass. This American IPA carries aromas of caramel, pepper, lemon peel, umami and pineapple anchored by a thick, toasted grain tone.

Little Scrapper IPA
Toasted Grains Anchor the Taste of Little Scrapper IPA

The toasted malts anchor the taste of Little Scrapper IPA from beginning to end as well, accented by juicy pineapple, lemon and mango flavours, as well as a hint of brewed black tea. This ale is easily quaffed, with a medium body, low carbonation, light oiliness and grainy warmth. There’s just enough bitterness to please a hop head in the finish that lingers through the aftertaste and is joined there by a slightly salty tone.

Nickel Brook Premium Organic Lager: Gotta Have That Funk

Nickel Brook Premium Organic Lager from Better Bitters Brewing Company in Burlington, Ontario pours a clear, golden-amber colour with a frothy off-white head that leaves spotty lacing before settling as a thin film and collar. The smell of this American pale lager is grassy, floral, soapy and earthy, anchored by toasted grain and honey tones and carrying soft green apple and yeast accents.

This Lager is Great with a Light Lunch
This Lager is Great with a Light Lunch

The taste of Nickel Brook Premium Organic Lager is very earthy with a honey and caramel-sweetened, toasted grain flavour and distinct mineral note. It is rather heavy on the tongue with a mild carbonation. It comes off as creamy, though it’s also fairly viscose. The finish has a burntness and twang of yeast to it, while mild bitterness comes through in aftertaste.