Big Mouth Tap Room Pale Ale: It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere

Big Mouth Tap Room Pale Ale from Hop City Brewing Company in Brampton, Ontario pours a slightly hazy golden-amber colour with a relatively small, soapy white head that settles as a thin collar and film, leaving little lace behind. This American pale ale has a floral, soapy aroma with notes of lemon zest, grains, light chocolate and caramel malts.

Big Mouth Tap Room Pale
Open Wide

The taste of Big Mouth Tap Room Pale Ale is a bit mild overall, with well-balanced caramel malt, floral and citrus flavours and a subtle bitter bite. This is a very easy going, creamy feeling ale with a fairly thin body and mild carbonation. Hints of red berry and alcohol come through in the finish and the aftertaste has soft bitter and oily characteristics.

Hopyard Pale: Best of Both Worlds

Hopyard Pale from the Garrison Brewing Company in Halifax, Nova Scotia pours a really nice honey-amber colour with a sizable tan-coloured head that gets retained as a thick film with a collar, but leaves little lacing. This dry-hopped, West Coast-style American pale ale smells of sweet caramel, orange rind and wet flowers, with ripened cherry and black pepper coming through after it warms.

Hopyard Pale
The Only Knock I Have Against this Beer is Its Bottle

The taste of Hopyard Pale starts with an almost salty bitterness. A strong toasted brown bread tone comes through on the tongue and the beer has an unsweetened grapefruit juice flavour in the finish. It’s a bit thin in mouthfeel, but has a creaminess on the tongue thanks to the long-lasting collar and a medium-high carbonation level. The aftertaste is clean and very dry.

Brooklyn Brand Lager: One of America’s Finest

Brooklyn Brand Lager is brewed in the heart of New York City at the Brooklyn Brewery. This seemingly unlikely source is the home of one of the best beers the United States has to offer. Brooklyn Brand Lager has a rich amber-toffee colour and a fluffy beige head that lingers and laces your glass.

Brooklyn Brand Lager
If You Can Find Brooklyn Brand Lager, Buy It.

A deep hop aroma is punctuated by fruity and woody tones and a hint of spice. The taste of Brooklyn Brand Lager is dominated by malt, but it is well-balanced with a dry hoppy finish that carries a very slight tangy sourness.