Rickard’s Lederhosen: Big For Its Breeches

Rickard’s Lederhosen from Molson Coors Canada pours a clear, bright amber colour with a creamy off-white head that burns off quickly, leaving a thin moldy-looking film behind. This märzen smells mainly of roasted caramel malts, with notes of wild grasses, floral noble hops, sourdough bread and honey.

Rickard's Lederhosen
This Bitter Märzen Will Warm You Up on a Cool Fall Day

The taste of Rickard’s Lederhosen is quite hoppy for a märzen. The style’s traditional sweetness is muffled by a citrus tinged bitterness. That said, even though it’s not to style, the lager is well-balanced in general. It has a crisp, metallic and slightly tart finish, while the aftertaste of this medium-bodied and mildly viscose brew has a grainy flavour and noticeable ethanol hook.

Mill Street Oktoberfest Beer: Skin and Bones

Oktoberfest Beer from Mill Street Brewery in Toronto, Ontario pours a slightly hazy, copper-tinged amber colour with a small but frothy white head that leaves a some minor lace and gets retained as a thin collar. This märzen smells of sweet, toasted malts and grains as well as mild floral hops, with an alcohol aroma that comes forward after warming.

Mill Street Oktoberfest Beer
I Didn’t Find Much to Celebrate About in this Märzen

The taste of Mill Street Oktoberfest Beer is very sweet and malt forward with a subtle roasted character and nutty accent. The lager is very thin for the style with mild carbonation, resulting in a somewhat slimy mouthfeel. The finish is moderately dry, with an earthy and slightly burnt aftertaste and a lingering syrupy feeling.

Kostritzer Schwarzbier: Back in Black

Köstritzer Schwarzbier from Köstritzer Schwarzbierbrauerei GmbH & Company in Köstritz/Thüringen, Germany pours an extremely dark burgundy-brown colour with a thick, creamy and frothy head that laces your glass and settles as a thin layer. The aroma, which develops more as the beer warms, smells of fresh grains and freshwater. There is also a roasted chocolate tone, hints of dark fruit and a slight smokiness.

Köstritzer Schwarzbier
Despite the Dark Colour this Beer is Very Refreshing

This beer carries a satisfying body and a creamy mouthfeel that helps it slide down your throat. I find Köstritzer Schwarzbier dangerously drinkable thanks in part to a crisp and clean finish. The taste is a bit on the sweet side and malt forward. Like the aroma, I get a roasted chocolate body primarily. There’s a nice, grassy, slightly spicy hop bitterness to keep things balanced and I get a distinct mineral flavour just before the finish takes over.