Duggan’s No. 9 IPA: Love Potion Number Nine

This American-style IPA from Cool Beer Brewing Company Incorporated in Toronto, Ontario pours a clear, rusty amber colour with a small, tan-coloured head that gets retained as a collar and leaves a small amount of lace. Duggan’s No. 9 IPA (formerly brewed by Duggan’s Brewery) has a nice citrus hop tang to the aroma, along with a sweet roasted malt and dark caramel backing.

Duggan's No. 9 IPA
I Grew Fond of this Beer Quickly

Duggan’s No. 9 IPA tastes tangy at the front of the tongue before a solid chocolaty malt backing kicks in. Citrus appears at almost the same time as the malts, creating a rather unique chocolate-orange flavour. This strong beer is very easy-going, with little to no trace of its ABV until you actually feel it. It goes a bit thin on the back-end before a solidly bitter aftertaste takes over.

Brutal IPA: Until the Bitter End

Brutal IPA from Rogue Ales in Newport, Oregon pours a hazy, rusty caramel colour reminiscent of many double IPAs twice its strength, with an abundant tan head that leaves a fair amount of lace behind before settling as a collar. This ESB-cum-IPA has more of a sweet, fruity aroma than a typical American IPA; like cherries in syrup with a thick, bready maltiness and a tangerine peel citrus note.

Brutal IPA
This IPA has Strong Bitter and Fruit Qualities

Brutal IPA is strongly bitter up front, but with a well-balanced honey-like malted sweetness. There is a faint citrus tang that gives it a bit of pop before going back to bitter. Unassuming, subtle and solid. The beer is fairly thick and heavy on the tongue like yeast at first. A medium carbonation eases it down and somehow it seems to get even more bitter in the aftertaste, but remains tame enough to prevent puckering or dry cheeks.

Mad Tom IPA: You Would be Mad not to Try It

This American-style IPA from the Muskoka Brewery in Bracebridge, Ontario pours a deep golden colour with a generous, soapy white head that burns off quickly, but leaves some nice lacing and settles as a thick film. Mad Tom IPA smells of fresh hops with a big, bright grapefruit and orange peel citrus tone. It has a sweet, butterscotch malt backing, but one that really lets the hops come through and it picks up a sort of soapy note as it warms.

Mad Tom IPA
If You Like Hops You will Love Mad Tom IPA

The taste of Mad Tom IPA is also very well-balanced. A crisp citrus flavour is backed by a honey-sweetened buttery tone, a solid malt body and the beer has a nice bitterness on the finish. Mad Tom IPA is very easy-drinking and masks its ABV well. It’s medium-bodied with a decent prickly carbonation on the tongue and is crisp on the back of the tongue and throat.

Crazy Canuck Pale Ale: Uncanny Great Taste

Crazy Canuck Pale Ale from the Great Lakes Brewery in Toronto, Ontario pours a deep Golden-amber colour with a moderate tan head that leaves a fair amount of lace. A collar and film last throughout the glass. After breathing for a bit, this American-style pale ale has a grapefruit-like citrus aroma with spicy and buttery tones and a cherry-like bitter fruit note.

Crazy Canuck Pale Ale
All this Label Needs is an Image of Poutine

Crazy Canuck Pale Ale sort of tastes like overripe fruit, but in a good way. Like the aroma a tart citrus taste, along with a sweet, buttery malt are present. The mouthfeel is thin, yet creamy and carries a medium carbonation feel. The finish is tart, but not puckering.

Southern Tier IPA: From Lakewood with Love

Southern Tier IPA from the Southern Tier Brewing Company in Lakewood, New York pours a clear, golden-amber colour with a sizable, frothy, tan-coloured head that laces and gets retained as a collar. This strong ale has a fresh and appealing hop aroma with lots of citrus tones including grapefruit and tangerine. There is also a nice honey-like sweetness that brightens everything up.

Southern Tier IPA
Be Careful, This One is Stronger than it Tastes

The taste of Southern Tier IPA is surprisingly sweet up front, with a toasted malt overtone. A well-balanced bitterness is followed by buttery, piney and citrus hop tones. The mouthfeel is creamy, with a medium-heavy body and little carbonation. A honey-like sweetness at the end masks the ale’s ABV.