Wag the Wolf: Nice Doggy

This hopfenweiss from Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company in Vankleek Hill, Ontario is a cloudy, saffron coloured wheat ale and pours with a creamy white head that leaves weblike lacing behind as it settles into a thick collar. Wag the Wolf has a distinct earthy yeast smell with fruity aromas of lemon, mango, plantain and passion fruit along with spicy notes of pepper and cloves.

Wag The Wolf

Try Wag the Wolf with Creamy and Earthy Cheeses

The taste of Wag the Wolf is rather dry and tart from start to finish. Its toasted wheat malt base is joined by lemon and grapefruit citrus tones, a hint of cloves and the beer has taken on a mild sourness since it was packaged that is rather pleasant. This ale has a medium body, a moderate amount of fine carbonation and a veritable ton of yeasty pop that creates a creamy sensation on the tongue and it finishes with an earthy bitterness that feels a bit stronger than the listed IBU of 20.


Spark House Red Ale: Pieces of Flare

Spark House Red Ale from Lake of Bays Brewing in Baysville, Ontario pours a rusty amber colour with a large and creamy off-white head that leaves sparse spots of lace as it settles into a rocky film. This American amber ale carries thick aromas of roasted chocolate malts, raisin, black cherry and mineral water.

Spark House Red Ale

Roasted Chocolate Malts and American Hops Strike an Appetizing Balance

The taste of Spark House Red Ale shares many of the same qualities. Its roasted character is joined by dark fruit and chocolate flavours that transitions to a light and lemony tone in the finish. This medium-bodied, mildly carbonated ale has a bready, slightly syrupy mouthfeel and moderate bitterness. A pronounced mineral tone is found in the aftertaste.


PC Down Under Amber: Under Performs

This American amber ale from Whitewater Brewing in Kitchener, Ontario is a golden amber colour and yields a large and loose white head that burns off quickly, leaving a thin collar and spotty film behind, but no lacing to speak of. There is a strong mineral presence in the smell of PC Down Under Amber, with notes of light caramel malt, corn syrup, citrus, pepper and ethanol.

PC Down Under Amber

The Body of this Ale is a Big Letdown

PC Down Under Amber has a fairly balanced taste built on flavours of milk chocolate and fresh grains and accented by lemon peel. The body is quite thin and watery, with just enough grainy feeling and carbonation to remind you that you’re drinking beer. The finish is tart and dry, with a hint of lemon oil in the aftertaste, which is relatively clean but tarnished by a diacetyl note that becomes apparent as the ale warms up.


Innis & Gunn Lager Beer: Straight Oat of Scotland

This helles style lager from Innis & Gunn in Edinburgh, Scotland is a clear, light golden tone that pours with a small and loose white head that is retained as a thin film and collar and yields a steady stream of carbonation from the bottom of your glass. Innis & Gunn Lager Beer smells mainly of honey-sweetened oatmeal and light grains, with a strawberry-like fruit note and a soft floral accent.

Innis & Gunn Lager Beer

This is Much Better Than a Typical European Lager

The taste of Innis & Gunn Lager Beer is balanced between sweet, jamlike fruity flavours and a subtle but effective bitterness that comes through in the finish along with a soft citrus note. The lager has a pleasant grainy character throughout and though relatively thin in body feels smooth and creamy in the mouth thanks to the inclusion of hulless or "naked" golden oats.


Stutz Premium Craft Cider: Harbouring the Funk

It takes seven varietals of local apples and two separate presses for ShipBuilders Cider in Halifax, Nova Scotia to make Stutz Premium Craft Cider. This dry cider is a pale lemon yellow colour and pours with an ample amount of carbonation. It carries aromas of baked apple, brown sugar and white raisin, with hints of vinegar and vegetable oil in the background.

Stutz Premium Craft Cider

Try this Cider with Fish Tacos

Stutz Premium Craft Cider has a temperate sweetness and warm baked apple taste at first. A sharp and crisp blend of green and crab apple flavours follow, accented by a dill pickle brine note. The finish is quite dry before taking on a lactic sourness and the aftertaste provides a lingering wild yeast funk. The mouthfeel is fairly heavy and earthy for a cider and there is a lively, prickly yeast sensation long after the carbonation burns off.