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My name is Brian J. Papineau. bryehn (Brian) is a pseudonym I’ve used on the Internet since the early 1990’s. I launched bryehn.net in 2010 as an outlet to write about things that didn’t fit with the work I was doing at Game Forward (gamefwd); another site I created that deals with subjects like Game Accessibility and Serious Games.

I had intended to write regularly about sports handicapping, review consumer goods and chronicle my music purchases and journey as a bedroom DJ, in addition to taking a few notes about beers I found interesting.

Well, it turns out I really like to write about beer and have published more than 250 beer (and cider) reviews to date. Though I analyze beers from all around the world, I try to place special focus on the craft beer producers in Canada, particularly ones here in Ontario and those in and near my adopted hometown of Ottawa.

I Look a Lot Like This Guy
I Look a Lot Like This Guy

When reviewing a beer or cider I always take style into account, however I’m very open-minded when it comes to interpretation and experimentation. Because taste is highly subjective, I chose never to assign a score to a beer review. I simply try my best to accurately describe the look, smell, taste, mouthfeel and packaging presentation of a beer, summarize with my personal take on it and find some good pairing suggestions.

Though I am open to the idea of receiving samples and promotional product from breweries, I tend not to review a product that I can’t purchase myself at retail, whether through an agency like the LCBO, The Beer Store or directly from a brewery’s retail store.

Most people spend their own hard-earned money on beer and have a budget, I do too. The concept of value plays a big part in the way I review a product, though admittedly I’m often willing to pay a premium to try something that interests me.

If you represent a brewery or cidery, wish to advertise with me or want to contact me about other beer-related products such as books or merchandise, you can email me at bryehn[at]bryehn[dot]net, follow me on Twitter  and Instagram or like me on Facebook.

Please note that I will not respond to solicitations regarding wine or spirit-related products nor sports wagering/handicapping services.