Grow a Pear: Pare! Pair! Perry!

This perry from Double Trouble Brewing Co. is made from Ontario-grown Bosc and Bartlett apples in Stony Creek and has a faint golden yellow hue reminiscent of a light white wine as well as some wavy chill haze. Grow a Pear also smells rather vinous, with strong aromas of green and white grape that suggest a wine yeast was used to kickstart fermentation. The combination of pears creates a familiar, juicy base, though it smells more acidic than sweet and carries a light barnyard quality.

Grow a Pear
Not-From-Concentrate Juice can Vary in Colour

The taste of Grow a Pear shifts towards a sticky, honey-sweetened pear flesh taste that even feels a bit fuzzy like biting into fruit. There is a nibble of sourness that preludes the dry and slightly acidic finish. There are a tartness and earthiness that linger on the tongue, as well as a vague citric flavour. Despite the perry’s sweetness, it’s only mildly viscose on the tongue and has a fine carbonation that helps maintain a medium-light mouthfeel.

The packaging of Grow a Pear is a mustard yellow colour with a floral background that disguises the familiar Double Trouble robber mascot and the image of a green pear is front and centre. You’ll find a list of ingredients on the back, a Gluten Free declaration on the shoulder, a brief description on the side and a best before date stamped on the can’s underside.

Grow a Pear is currently one of only a pair of true perrys produced in Ontario and though it may be jarring to someone used to a pared back “pear flavoured cider-like product”, a more seasoned cider drinker will appreciate the authentic, earthy and slightly funky character and you might even find a wine connoisseur or two that will appreciate its terroir.

Try pairing Grow a Pear with vanilla ice cream, spinach salad, roasted pork or toasted tree nuts. This product is a permanent listing at the LCBO and was in stock at roughly 300 stores at the time of publication.

Type: Perry
Country: Canada
Region: Ontario, Stoney Creek
Brewery: Double Trouble Brewing Co.
Format Purchased: 473 mL
Price: $3.00
Alcohol Content: 5.5%

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