Growers Pear: Don’t Judge on Appearance

Owned by Constellation Brands, Inc., Growers Cider Co. has produced a number of flavoured ciders of varying potability over the years. Growers Pear is the latest beverage to appear on shelves and is presented as a clear, almost colourless liquid that bears the faintest of chartreuse tones and sets free a torrent of fine bubbles when poured into a glass.

Growers Pear
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Growers Pear has a big, natural-smelling fruit aroma that really pops from the can or glass, along with a thick, syrupy quality that brings to mind a fruit cup you might pack in a child’s lunch. There are also hints of stonefruit and citrus in there, but the pear aroma is dominant and surprisingly convincing.

The taste of Growers Pear is noticeably sweet, but again the fruit flavour itself is appealing, not too candy-like and the cider manages to avoid being cloying overall. The tartness you’ll find in the finish is artificially enhanced with ascorbic acid and citric acid delivers a slightly sour bite. The addition of these chemicals tends to create chalkiness, but I couldn’t perceive any and the cider creates the illusion of biting into a pear with a slightly “fuzzy” mouthfeel.

Growers Pear comes in a can that follows a template laid forth by earlier products, with a pared-down clipart-style image of a pair of pears topped by a black band that has the Growers wordmark printed in a white serif font. A list of ingredients is on the side and a complex freshness dating code is stamped on the bottom. It’s important to note that there is no Gluten-Free designation on this product.

I’m not typically one for “Sparkling Flavoured Cider Alcoholic Beverage”, but Growers Pear is quite pleasant and refreshing on its own, especially over ice. It’s likely too sweet for most to consider having a few over the course of an evening however and falls squarely into “dessert cider” or aperitif territory for me. Try it with vanilla ice cream, date squares or even a creamy cheese like Brie, Gorgonzola or Gruyere.

At the time of publication, Growers Pear was exclusive to Wine Rack stores here in Ontario, though the brand is distributed throughout Canada, except to Québec and Nunavut.

Type: Flavoured Cider / Sweet Cider
Country: Canada
Region: –
Brewery: Growers Cider Co. (Constellation Brands, Inc.)
Format Purchased: 473 mL
Price: $2.95
Alcohol Content: 5.0%

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