Farm Table: Grisette: Coal Miner’s Water

This lighter take on a Belgian-style ale From Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company in Vankleek Hill, Ontario pours a hazy golden honey colour, with a creamy white head that settles as a thin film and fuzzy collar, leaving a few small streaks of lace behind. Farm Table: Grisette has a honey-soaked malt smell that reminded me of banana or carrot bread, with light aromas of apple and pear, fresh herbs, a hint of farmhouse funk and a crisp, white pepper-like note.

Farm Table: Grisette
Herbal and Grassy Notes Punctuate This Refreshing Ale

The taste of Farm Table: Grisette brings this bright and appealing melange forward and is set against a stark dryness that really promotes the grassy, herbal and floral tones. A quick, crisp and lemony finish punctuates the light-bodied and modestly carbonated ale, leaving vague hints of earthy, toasted malts, citrus rind and mineral.

This beer style dates back to 19th century Belgium, where coal miners in the western province of Hainaut were served a light and refreshing ale after their shifts by female factory workers that wore grey uniforms and were referred to as grisettes.

The main distinction between a grisette and the more common “farmhouse ale” as I understand it, is that it contains no lactic acid and it relies on hops for its crispness. Whether that’s the case in this beer or not, I’m frankly unsure, but it is definitely milder and “less funky” than most saisons and had little to no perceivable sourness to me.

Farm Table: Grisette features an intricately drawn label depicting a brick building and an early 20th Century delivery truck complete with Beau’s branding printed in a palette of deep red and blue tones. There also is a humble list of organic ingredients as well as a stamped bottling date on the label.

Uncomplicated, straightforward and subtly rustic, Farm Table: Grisette is a pleasant and airy reminder that spring is right around the corner. I found it to be a versatile pairing option, particularly with lighter meals and snacks. It made a great backdrop for a funky blue cheese, lighter cured meat and grilled chicken. I want to try it with a basic cheesecake and also think it’d be nice with a light crusty bread.

Farm Table: Grisette is a limited release that was listed in about 150 LCBO stores when I published this review. You can also find it at many licensees around Ontario or have it delivered to your home via the BYBO service if you live here in Ottawa.

Type: Grisette
Country: Canada
Region: Ontario, Vankleek Hill
Brewery: Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company
Format Purchased: 600 mL
Price: $4.55
Alcohol Content: 4.9%

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