Winter Weiss: Bundle Up

This seasonal dunkelweizen from Muskoka Brewery Inc. in Bracebridge, Ontario is cola brown in colour, with a deep ruby tone visible when held towards light. It pours with a small and rocky tan cap that doesn’t tend to stay around very long, though a steady stream of bubbles appeared at the top of my glass. The smell of Winter Weiss is an inviting blend of chocolate, stone fruit and plantain that reminds me of warm fruitcake, with notes of clove and evergreen punctuating the beer’s wintry feeling.

Winter Weiss
Try Winter Weiss with Warm Cookies

Winter Weiss has a robust taste, with flavours of dark toffee and stone fruit at the fore over a biscuit-like malt base. A sharp note of herbal liqueur and mild bitterness keep things from getting too sweet and the ale finishes dry, while hints of clove and lemon peel tend to linger on my palate. Though Winter Weiss is fairly light-bodied, there is a noticeable viscosity and some earthiness to the mouthfeel.

The packaging of Winter Weiss is a highly detailed blue, white and gold drawing that depicts a blustery winter’s day around Muskoka that is spurred on by Jack Frost himself. You will find a description of the beer and a modest list of ingredients on the back. The cans I bought were wrapped and obscured any freshness dating that may have been stamped, but I did find a best before sticker on the bottom of the box marked for January.

Winter Weiss is a flavourful and mellow wheat ale that is perfectly suited to an afternoon that sees a light dusting of snow and a pleasant alternative to the more high-octane winter beers that have become prevalent in Ontario over the past few years. I’ve enjoyed it with snacks like creamy cheeses, oatmeal raisin cookies, vanilla ice cream and tree nuts, as well as with a tourtière and a beef roast.

You can find Winter Weiss at The Beer Store and LCBO locations, as well as select licensees throughout Ontario.

Type: Dunkelweizen
Country: Canada
Region: Ontario, Bracebridge
Brewery: Muskoka Brewery Inc.
Format Purchased: 8 x 473 mL
Price: $22.95
Alcohol Content: 5.0%

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