Batch 1904: Ahead By A Century

This UK style dry cider from Brickworks Ciderhouse in Toronto, Ontario is a bright golden colour and quite effervescent when poured. Batch 1904 is made with 100% Ontario apples from the Georgian Bay and Niagara regions and has an inviting baked apple smell that’s accented by notes of earth, pepper and basil, along with a hint of farmhouse funk.

Batch 1904
Try this well-crafted Cider with Old Cheddar

The taste of Batch 1904 strikes a wonderful balance, with flavours of sweet dessert apples that  reminded me of Fuji or Cortland giving way to a tart and dry finish that’s pronounced, but not puckering, despite a vague sourness that lingers in the aftertaste along with a mild note of yeast and a touch of light wood like cedar or birch. The mouthfeel is mainly crisp, with a dainty viscosity.
Batch 1904 is housed in an off white can that utilizes simple, bold wordmarking and features the image of an early automobile. The slogan “Country Born, City Crafted” is printed on the can’s shoulder and a brief description of the cidery and this cider are found on the back. Brickworks Ciderhouse prides itself on sustainability and all of their apples are sourced within 300km of their facility.

For my money, Batch 1904 is the best Ontario-made cider currently available at the LCBO and one of the best dry ciders I’ve had the pleasure of trying. Its balance is unparalleled and its rich, distinct flavour blends the best of old and new world cider styles. Grilled pork is always a solid pairing choice.

I’ve also enjoyed this cider with all sorts of seafood, especially when a buttery sauce is involved. You could try it with a spinach salad, sharp cheddar or a creamy gouda too. You can find Batch 1904 listed at over 150 LCBO stores and at select licensees in and around the GTA.

Type: Dry Cider
Country: Canada
Region: Ontario, Toronto
Brewery: Brickworks Ciderhouse
Format Purchased: 473 mL
Price: $3.10
Alcohol Content: 5.0%

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