Sweetwater Squeeze Radler: Ride the Wave

Sweetwater Squeeze Radler from Amsterdam Brewing Company Limited in Toronto, Ontario is made with blood orange and grapefruit juices, as well as the brewery’s house made soda. This flavoured light beer is golden orange in colour with a turbid appearance. It pours with a loose white head and tends to leave bits of pulp on your glass.

Sweetwater Squeeze Radler
This Beer Will Be a Staple in My Fridge All Summer.

Unmistakably bright aromas of grapefruit and blood orange are weighed down somewhat by an earthy rind tone and there is a hint of lake water to be found. The not-from-concentrate juice flavours burst forth on your tongue and despite the addition of soda, Sweetwater Squeeze Radler is relatively dry and tart, with a hint of sourness before an acidic aftertaste takes over.

This beer is medium-bodied and quite lively on the tongue thanks to a generous amount of pulp and finely carbonated soda. I’m not kidding about the pulp, there really is a lot of it in there. For the best drinking experience, try to gently roll the can and pour the whole thing at once. If you decide to drink from the can, expect sludge at the bottom.

Sweetwater Squeeze Radler comes in a fuschia can and it’s logo uses the outline of an orange as an abstract bicycle wheel, which is a common theme for Amsterdam Brewery. You will find a minimal description of the beer and a list of ingredients on the can’s side and a coded production date stamped near the shoulder.

Though it’s a touch heavy compared to others on the market, Sweetwater Squeeze Radler boasts the most intense and natural juice flavour I’ve encountered in a radler and the added kick means you won’t need to have multiple glasses to feel satisfied. I enjoy radlers most with grilled chicken and spinach salad. If you’re done biking for the day and feel like a cocktail, try this one with some tequila in it.

Sweetwater Squeeze Radler is a summer seasonal that is listed at well over 200 LCBO stores, available at select licensees and from Amsterdam Brewery’s retail stores.

Type: Radler
Country: Canada
Region: Ontario, Toronto
Brewery: Amsterdam Brewing Company
Format Purchased: 473 mL
Price: $2.85
Alcohol Content: 3.8%

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