Velocipede IPA: Feets, Don’t Fail Me Now

This American IPA from Bicycle Craft Brewery in Ottawa, Ontario is a golden-copper colour, slightly hazy in appearance and pours with a creamy, billowy off-white head that leaves large streak of lace behind and gets retained as a thick cap. Aggressively dry-hopped, Velocipede IPA is chock full of Centennial hop character and the smell is rich with aromas of lemon peel and pepper, as well as a blend of wild grass and flower notes.

Velocipede IPA
If You Like Centennial Hops, Make Sure You Try This Beer

The taste of Velocipede IPA is also hop forward and brings a fairly hefty bitterness (70 IBU) to the table. Light caramel and toasted malts construct the base of this medium-bodied ale, which can get a bit lost under the dominant lemon and pepper notes. Thankfully, this is alleviated somewhat as the beer starts to warm up, letting a sturdy graininess balance things out before a more juicy lemon flavour returns in the finish and transitions to dryness in the aftertaste.

Bicycle Craft Brewery growlers feature the brewery’s logo that depicts an early 1900s bicycle wrapped by two stalks of barley. Velocipede (Latin for “fast feet”) actually refers to any human-powered vehicle that has one or more wheels and not any particular model or style of conveyance.

I might tone down the IBU a few points or lighten the dry-hopping a bit to let the lovely malt base come through more, but otherwise Velocipede IPA definitely makes a solid choice for a local ale to go with spicy Indian cuisine, fried chicken, old cheddar or butter biscuits. I enjoyed it with a particularly garlicky shawarma as well.

The Bicycle Craft Brewery tap room and retail store are open from Thursday to Sunday. You can buy a glass of beer to enjoy there or take some home in 32 and 64 oz growlers. The brewery’s beers are also available through home delivery via Brew Donkey.

Type: American IPA
Country: Canada
Region: Ontario, Ottawa
Brewery: Bicycle Craft Brewery
Format Purchased: 950 mL
Price: $11 (including $4 growler deposit)
Alcohol Content: 6.0%

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