Grolsch Non Alcoholic: Barley Pop

This low alcohol beer from Koninklijke Grolsch N.V. in Enschede, Netherlands is a bright golden colour and pours with a large, soapy white head that leaves patches of lace and is retained as a small collar. Grolsch Non Alcoholic has aromas of sweet grain, wildflower, grass and a mild fruity tone that reminds me of strawberry jam.

Grolsch Non Alcoholic
This Low Alcohol Beer is Uncommonly Flavourful and Colourful

The taste of Grolsch Non Alcoholic is malt forward, somewhat sweet and has a distinct tea-like character that imparts a crisp bitterness. There are notes of citrus rind and minerals in the crisp finish and the aftertaste has mild earth and barley flavours. The lager is squarely on the thin side, but has a surprising amount of body to it for a low alcohol beer. Grainy, syrupy and creamy sensations can all be felt on the tongue.

Grolsch Non Alcoholic comes in a silver, green and white can, with the brewery’s familar wordmark in a bright shamrock green colour and “NON ALCOHOLIC” printed in bold red letters at the top. The nutrition label states that there are 22 grams of carbohydrates and 90 calories per 500 mL can. Though low alcohol beers often contain a small amount of protein, this one does not. An ingredients list simply reads “water, malted barley and hops” and a best before date is stamped on the bottom of each can.

Grolsch Non Alcoholic is easily one of the best low alcohol beer options available when thinking in terms of value. It has a taste comparable to many European lagers and it’s actually more refreshing and well-balanced than a number of the examples I’ve tried, including “regular” Grolsch. This beer is pretty versatile, though I usually have it with foods that fall into the salty, fried and/or fatty categories.

I buy Grolsch Non Alcoholic at Loblaws and Rexall stores here in Ontario and it’s available through Premium Near Beer as well. I would assume that it is distributed worldwide, it’s always tough to find accurate information for products like this.

Type: Low Alcohol Beer
Country: Netherlands
Region: Enschede
Brewery: Koninklijke Grolsch N.V.
Format Purchased: 4 x 500 mL
Price: $6.99
Alcohol Content: 0.5%

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