Two Flags IPA: Two Can Be One

This American IPA from Dominion City Brewing Company in Ottawa, Ontario is fairly dark for its style, pouring a hazy tone somewhere between amber and ruby. A soapy, off-white head leaves small swaths of lace and settles into a yarn-like collar. Two Flags IPA has big pine and citrus peel aromas, an unmistakable pineapple scent and a peppery note that sit atop a hearty chocolate and toffee malt base.

Two Flags IPA
Malt and Hops in Harmony

That blend of rich malts in Two Flags IPA, along with hints of burnt sugar and coffee combine to remind me the taste of a popular candy that rhymes with “Footsie Toll”. This ale has a great, distinctive transition from dark malt, to sweet berry flavours to a moderately bitter grapefruit tone. Two Flags IPA is full-bodied, has a fairly mellow level of carbonation and a resinous slickness that lingers in the aftertaste.

Dominion City Brewing Company growlers and “grumblers” are adorned with the brewery’s three leaf “Pearson Pennant” logo on the front and a brief description of the brewery on the back. The specific branding of Two Flags IPA utilizes forest and lime green colours and a card describing the beer is strung around the neck of the bottle. It might sound pointless, but I found the branded, colour-coded sealing stickers to be a nice touch.

Two Flags IPA is a finely-tuned and exceptionally well-balanced example of the style that’s also quite approachable for a 7% ABV brew. I really appreciate the restraint the brewers demonstrated with their hopping that allows a truly lovely malt blend to shine. This ale pairs well with the usual suspects such as fried and spicy dishes, but it won’t overpower something simple like chicken stew or shepherd’s pie either.

Dominion City Brewing Company is currently open for a few hours every Saturday, though plans to open on additional days are in place as they ramp up production. You can also find their beers on tap at select licensees around Ottawa or have them delivered to your door via Brew Donkey.

Type: American Blonde Ale
Country: Canada
Region: Ontario, Ottawa
Brewery: Dominion City Brewing Company
Format Purchased: 750 ml
Price: $10.50 (including $4 deposit)
Alcohol Content: 7.0%

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