Patio Saison: Sunshine on My Shoulders

Patio Saison from Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company in Vankleek Hill, Ontario is a hazy golden-amber colour and yields a large, billowy white head that is retained as a small cap and leaves large rings of lace on your glass. This Belgian-style farmhouse ale has strong aromas of light, honey-sweetened malts and freshly picked cloves with a mild citrus note and a faint perfumy whiff that comes from the addition of elderflower.

Patio Saison
This Beer Debuted in 2012 as Wild Oats Series No. 19

The taste of Patio Saison is anchored by a blend of pilsener and wheat malts that create a soft caramel sweetness. Subtle citrus zest and peppery flavours contribute to a well-balanced dryness, while the ale finishes with a moderate bitterness and leaves notes of pith and clove in the aftertaste. The mouthfeel has definite earthy and grainy qualities, though long-lasting fine bubbles produce an air of creaminess and my tongue was left feeling a bit slick and syrupy between sips.

The label of Patio Saison is primarily a light pencil yellow colour and depicts a small patio in front of a cityscape that is being warmed by a smiling sun. The included card provides a bilingual description of the beer, a brief history of its style, technical information, as well as a recommended serving temperature and glass. A list of ingredients and date of production are found on the back label.

Patio Saison isn’t the most complex or “funkiest” saison available, but it does deliver crisp and refreshing flavours that are perfect for relaxing after an activity on a muggy Ontario summer afternoon. It would also serve as a great entry point for those new to or curious about the style. I enjoy this and most saisons with a variety of cheeses and cured meats.

You can try Patio Saison on tap at select licensees throughout Ontario, find it at over 125 LCBO stores and the brewery or have it delivered to your door through their BYBO service that supports the local charity Operation Come Home.

Type: Saison 
Country: Canada
Region: Ontario, Vankleek Hill
Brewery: Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company
Format Purchased: 600 mL
Price: $7.85
Alcohol Content: 5.9%

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