Mad Jack Premium Apple Lager: Where’s the Beer?

This flavoured malt liquor from Molson Coors Canada is a bright, caramel-tinged golden colour and yields a small, loose white cap when poured that only lasts for a few seconds. Mad Jack Premium Apple Lager smells almost entirely of sweet apple juice from concentrate and bears little resemblance to anything even approaching any type of lager I’ve ever had.

Mad Jack Premium Apple Lager
This Beverage IS NOT Gluten-Free

The taste of Mad Jack Premium Apple Cider does have a subtle malt character, but it’s quickly buried under an overly sweet, drinking box-like apple flavour. Malic acid enhances the medium-bodied and lightly carbonated beverage’s moderately sour finish and the aftertaste brings forth a chemical tone that seems to dry out your tongue, despite it being coated by a syrupy film.

Mad Jack Premium Apple Lager is packaged in red cans that depict a sketch of an apple behind a blocky black wordmark. A list of ingredients is printed on the side of the can and coded freshness dating is stamped on the bottom. This product was created to allow Molson Coors Canada, operating as Mad Jack Brewing Company to sell a cider-like beverage in The Beer Store.

Rather than emulating the flavour of a child’s drink over a base of malt liquor, I would have rather seen Molson Coors Canada blend their lager and cider together to make a snakebite, which would integrate some hop character and natural bitterness. I find the contrast of sweet and sour in Mad Jack Premium Apple Lager to be fairly harsh and think a subtle addition of a flavour like coconut could help tie it together.

I enjoyed this beverage most when served over ice, particularly frozen chunks of lemon. Out of the pairing options I tried, I found it best suited to grilled pork chops and sausage. Mad Jack Premium Apple Lager is exclusive to The Beer Store in Ontario and is also available in Quebec.

Type: Malt Liquor
Country: Canada
Region: –
Brewery: Molson Coors Canada
Format Purchased: 6 x 473 ml
Price: $14.95
Alcohol Content: 5.0%

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