Angry Orchard Crisp Apple: Natural Enhancement

This flavoured, semi-dry hard cider from Angry Orchard Cider Company, LLC in Cincinnati, Ohio is a bright and surprisingly deep golden colour. Its powerful effervescence forms a small white cap that spews aromas of familiar culinary and juice varieties of apple like Empire and McIntosh and burns off within a moment, after which you are left with mild apple and caramel notes, as well as a hint of alcohol.

Angry Orchard Crisp Apple
This Beverage has More in Common with Macro Lager than Traditional Cider

Angry Orchard Crisp Apple is very sweet to the point of imbalance and tastes mainly like grocery store apple juice from concentrate against a backdrop of light caramel and brown sugar. The green apple-like crispness and slight sourness found in the finish owe their presence to the addition of malic acid, a substance commonly used in the making of hard candies and soda. The aftertaste of this light-bodied beverage carries an inadequate, fleeting dryness before leaving a syrupy, apple-tinged flavour on the tongue.

The label of Angry Orchard Crisp Apple features the image of a weathered apple tree that has the face of an old bearded man and a singular red apple that has had a bite taken out of it. You will find a list of ingredients and a brief description of the cider on the labels as well, while coded freshness dating is stamped on the shoulder of each bottle.

Angry Orchard Crisp Apple foregoes traditional and artisanal cider making methods in favour of a very calculated approach to manufacturing and is likely to find success in the still burgeoning cider sector because of its craft beer roots and branding.

In fairness, the actual apple flavour avoids tasting too artificial and this cider can be enjoyable when served over ice, though for my palate it is simply too sweet and I am unlikely to buy it again when there are better, more local options available for less money.

Note: Angry Orchard Cider Company, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boston Beer Company.

Type: Semi-Dry Cider
Country: USA
Region: Ohio, Cincinnati 
Brewery: Angry Orchard Cider Company, LLC
Format Purchased: 6 x 355 ml
Price: $14.95
Alcohol Content: 5.0%

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