Stutz Premium Craft Cider: Harbouring the Funk

It takes seven varietals of local apples and two separate presses for ShipBuilders Cider in Halifax, Nova Scotia to make Stutz Premium Craft Cider. This dry cider is a pale lemon yellow colour and pours with an ample amount of carbonation. It carries aromas of baked apple, brown sugar and white raisin, with hints of vinegar and vegetable oil in the background.

Stutz Premium Craft Cider
Try this Cider with Fish Tacos

Stutz Premium Craft Cider has a temperate sweetness and warm baked apple taste at first. A sharp and crisp blend of green and crab apple flavours follow, accented by a dill pickle brine note. The finish is quite dry before taking on a lactic sourness and the aftertaste provides a lingering wild yeast funk. The mouthfeel is fairly heavy and earthy for a cider and there is a lively, prickly yeast sensation long after the carbonation burns off.

Stutz Premium Craft Cider comes in a red can that looks a bit like an infographic and includes the slogan “As Crisp as the Apples It’s Made From”. There is a suggestion on the side to serve the cider chilled, though I find that pouring it at roughly 10C really rounds out the flavours and body. A date of canning is stamped on the bottom.

Its thick farmland funk sets Stutz Premium Craft Cider apart from others found on LCBO shelves. A hearty blend of apples creates complexity well beyond simple juice flavours and the cider can stand up to a meal of roasted pork or chicken. I’ve also enjoyed it with cilantro-heavy dishes like fish tacos and it’s at home next to a charcuterie board.

You can find Stutz Premium Craft Cider at select LCBO stores in Ontario and at NSLC stores throughout Nova Scotia.

Type: Dry Cider
Country: Canada
Region: Nova Scotia, Halifax
Brewery: ShipBulders Cider
Format Purchased: 473 ml
Price: $2.95
Alcohol Content: 5.5%

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