PC Down Under Amber: Under Performs

This American amber ale from Whitewater Brewing in Kitchener, Ontario is a golden amber colour and yields a large and loose white head that burns off quickly, leaving a thin collar and spotty film behind, but no lacing to speak of. There is a strong mineral presence in the smell of PC Down Under Amber, with notes of light caramel malt, corn syrup, citrus, pepper and ethanol.

PC Down Under Amber
The Body of this Ale is a Big Letdown

PC Down Under Amber has a fairly balanced taste built on flavours of milk chocolate and fresh grains and accented by lemon peel. The body is quite thin and watery, with just enough grainy feeling and carbonation to remind you that you’re drinking beer. The finish is tart and dry, with a hint of lemon oil in the aftertaste, which is relatively clean but tarnished by a diacetyl note that becomes apparent as the ale warms up.

The blue can that PC Down Under Amber comes in bears New Zealand imagery including a silver fern, a kiwi bird and the star pattern found on the country’s flag. There is a one sentence description of the beer on the side and coded freshness dating stamped on the bottom.

The malt bill and mouthfeel of PC Down Under Amber are too thin, leaving ample room for its flaws to be noticed. In fairness, it is better than I expected given its lineage and price point and it would probably be a good fit for barbeque or roast chicken. You can find PC branded beers at The Beer Store in Ontario, Real Canadian Liquorstore in Alberta and Loblaw-owned grocery stores in Quebec.

Note: This beer is brewed by Brick Brewing Company Limited operating as Whitewater Brewing

Type: American Amber Ale
Country: Canada
Region: Ontario, Kitchener
Brewery: Whitewater Brewing (Brick Brewing Company Limited)
Format Purchased: 6 x 355 mL
Price: $10.95
Alcohol Content: 5.2%

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