The Witty Traveller: Packing Light

This hefeweizen from Railway City Brewing Company in St. Thomas, Ontario has a very cloudy, saffron-toned appearance and yields a relatively small, frothy head that is retained as a thin film and stringy collar without really leaving any lace behind. The Witty Traveller has soft wheat and honey aromas that bring a warm muffin to mind, along with notes of banana, cloves and black peppercorn.

The Witty Traveller
Kick Back and Enjoy the Ride

Sharp grape, apple and citrus esters punctuate the taste of The Witty Traveller’s mild wheat base. This ale is light-bodied with a moderate carbonation that creates a smooth and creamy texture that glosses over and earthy, grainy texture. There’s a slight sourness to be found in the finish before a rather dry and surprisingly peppery aftertaste takes over.

The label of The Witty Traveller depicts a moustached gentleman circa the early 1900s wearing a top hat in printed in grayscale against a backdrop of gear imagery. A slogan that reads “All In Good Taste” is found on the label’s side along with a best before date and a request to keep the product refrigerated.

The Witty Traveller is a very crisp and refreshing ale that is perfectly suited to hot weather thanks to its manageable ABV and easygoing blend of flavours. Try this ale with spinach salad, blue cheese, a chicken salad sandwich on rye or meats like bratwurst, summer sausage and hunter salami; especially with a pretzel and mustard at hand.

You can currently find The Witty Traveller at the brewery’s retail store and on tap at select licensees throughout southern and eastern Ontario, including several here in the Ottawa area. The beer is slated to arrive at LCBO stores in cans sometime near the beginning of June.

Type: Hefeweizen
Country: Canada
Region: Ontario, St. Thomas
Brewery: Railway City Brewing Company
Format Purchased: 12 x 500 mL
Price: $36.40
Alcohol Content: 4.5%

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