The Amber Rose: By Any Other Name

This American amber ale from Covered Bridge Brewing in Stittsville, Ontario is a hazy, copper toned amber colour and pours with a modest off-white head that sticks around as a tight collar without leaving much lace behind as it settles. The Amber Rose has an appealing blend of chocolate, caramel and lemon juice aromas, along with notes of white wine, chalk, raspberry jam and a faint whiff of alcohol that comes forward as it warms.

The Amber Rose
Try This Ale with Roasted Potatoes

The taste of The Amber Rose is anchored by a soft, yet sturdy malt base that carries rich caramel, bran muffin and chocolate flavours, the latter of which is most prevalent in the finish of this full-bodied, mildly carbonated ale. The mouthfeel is grainy on the palate and feels nectarous and oily on the back of the tongue, where the beer’s moderate bitterness and grapefruit juice flavoured aftertaste come through.

Beers from Covered Bridge Brewing are available in standard 64 oz growlers and 32 oz snap top bottles as pictured above. Both vessels are decorated with the brewery’s oval-shaped logo that depicts a scene in which an 1930s style delivery truck is crossing a covered bridge. A slogan reads “For Great Beer, We’ve Got You Covered” and beers come with information cards that describe them and provide SRM, ABV and IBU information.

The Amber Rose is a solid offering that really benefits from a higher than average gravity to deliver vivid and satisfying flavours. This ale is great on its own and pairs nicely with creamy cheeses, roasted potatoes, dark chocolate, pot pies, roasted meat and poultry. You can visit Covered Bridge Brewing from Friday to Sunday, find their beer at select licensees or have it delivered to your door by Brew Donkey.

Type: American Amber Ale
Country: Canada
Region: Ontario, Stittsville
Brewery: Covered Bridge Brewing
Format Purchased: 949 mL / 1.89 L
Price: $12 / $17  (Including $5.00 Growler Deposit)
Alcohol Content: 6.4%

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