Resurrection Roggenbier: Rise Again

This unfiltered rye beer from Cameron’s Brewing Company in Oakville, Ontario pours a rusty orange colour reminiscent of orange pekoe tea. It has a small but frothy and persistent white head that creates a thin cap throughout the glass and leaves small spots of lace. The smell of Resurrection Roggenbier has a fruity blend of red berry and grape aromas anchored by toasted, earthy malts and accented by a light rye note and a hint of sweet smoke that brings hickory to mind.

Resurrection Roggenbier
This is a Nice Autumn Alternative to Pumpkin Ale

Resurrection Roggenbier tastes of sweet malts and a blend of dark fruit and spice reminiscent of fruitcake or raisin bread. As with the smell, the rye character is fairly light, but creates a fiery bite towards the finish that harmonizes with a solid bitterness and lingers on the tongue. The ale has a thin to medium body with a light syrupy feeling and a hint of mineral can be detected in the aftertaste.

Resurrection Roggenbier comes in a bottle with a label that is hard to miss. An image of the Phoenix is printed in crimson and shiny gold and set against an abstract flame background drawn with various red and orange tones. A description of the beer, suggested serving temperature and glassware are found on the side of the label and a coded date of bottling is stamped in black.

The light rye bill in Resurrection Roggenbier makes for an interesting addition to what is basically Cameron’s classic auburn ale. This beer would be a great starting point for someone new to rye beers and it makes for a nice alternative to the dozens of pumpkin ales that dominate shelves during the autumn months.

Resurrection Roggenbier goes well with both creamy and sharp cheeses, fresh bread, charcuterie, roasted meats and poultry and fall fare like stews or pot pies. You can find it listed at about 100 LCBO locations and the brewery welcomes visitors for tours, tastings and retail purchases from Monday to Saturday.

Type: Rye Beer
Country: Canada
Region: Ontario, Oakville
Brewery: Cameron’s Brewing Company
Format Purchased: 650 mL
Price: $5.95
Alcohol Content: 5.2%

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