Canada Southern Draft: Ride the Rails

Canada Southern Draft from Railway City Brewing Company in St. Thomas, Ontario pours a muted golden yellow colour. No lace is left behind as its loose white head burns off quickly and settles as a small cap. This American pale lager smells of sweet grains, a blend of berry, grape and citrus juices and has a faint hint of diacetyl.

Canada Southern Draft
This Light Lager is Perfect for Pizza Night.

The grainy and earthy taste of Canada Southern Draft starts sweet then quickly turns dry. Notes of fruit, mineral, toasted light malt and earth are present in this medium bodied and finely carbonated lager throughout the finish, with a distinct floral note coming through in the crisp and dry aftertaste.

Canada Southern Draft is packaged in a silver can that is dominated by a large red stripe that has the image of a maple leaf cut out of it. The wordmark is done in black and red and you will find the phrases “small batch brewed”, “hand crafted” and “crisp, smooth, fresh” scattered around the can. If there is freshness dating, I haven’t seen it on any of the cans that I have purchased.

There is just enough grain character and dryness to elevate Canada Southern Draft above similar American pale lagers and keep it interesting to a craft beer fan. I found it to be a very well-balanced and surprisingly satisfying brew that paired nicely with grilled and baked chicken, pizza, red sauce, roasted and baked potatoes and a variety of vegetables.

Canada Southern Draft is available at almost 150 LCBO stores, on tap at select licensees and at the brewery’s retail store which is open seven days a week.

Type: American Pale Lager
Country: Canada
Region: Ontario, St. Thomas
Brewery: Railway City Brewing Company
Format Purchased: 473 mL
Price: $2.40
Alcohol Content: 4.3%

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