10 Point India Pale Ale: Pretty Bucking Good

This English IPA from Lake of Bays Brewing Company in Baysville, Ontario is a deep, fiery amber colour with a frothy off-white head that settles as a bubbly collar and film while leaving long streaks of lace on your glass. 10 Point India Pale Ale has aromas of caramel, fresh and toasted dark grains, dark berries, lemon zest and has a mineral note common to the ales from Lake of Bays.

10 Point India Pale Ale
This English Ale Loves Roast Beef and Pork

The taste of 10 Point India Pale Ale is thick with caramel and roasted grain flavours. Sharp mineral and citrus tones create a nice bite on the tongue and a pithy bitterness. This ale has a full body, subdued carbonation and is fairly oily throughout. The finish is grainy and transitions to an aftertaste that reminds me of lemon oil.

The large bottle that houses 10 Point India Pale Ale currently appears in two forms. One is wrapped in a brown label and the other is painted. Both feature the image of antlers jutting out from a wordmark. The back has a description of the beer and its inspiration as well as a list of ingredients. A best before date is either stamped in black or on a small sticker depending on which bottle you get.

10 Point India Pale Ale is a hearty, well-balanced ale that is suited to crisp fall weather and the best example of an English IPA you are likely to find on shelves in Ontario. I found that this beer did particularly well with roasted pork and beef, Monterey Jack cheese and kettle chips.

In 2013 this seasonal offering was listed at well over 300 LCBO locations and the Lake of Bays retail store is open from to during their late fall and winter season.

Type: English IPA
Country: Canada
Region: Ontario, Baysville
Brewery: Lake of Bays Brewing Company
Format Purchased: 750 mL
Price: $8.95
Alcohol Content: 6.0%

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